8 Signs Of Labor You Need To Look Out For!

Signs of labor pain are very different with each pregnant woman. It is like parenting – you are never completely clear. Even moms who have experienced labor before can’t always tell when labor starts. This is because early signs of labor are vague.

Regardless of any signs of labor, it is always safe to consult your midwife/doctor to know your due date clearly and go to the hospital to deliver.


8 Signs Of Labor You Need To Look Out For!

1. Cervix Dilate

A few weeks before your due date, the cervix, which is the bottom portion of the uterus opens or dilates. This is known as cervical dilation. This is a sign that your doctor can track and tell how your labor is progressing. It’s also a sign that tells you to get ready for your baby’s birthday.

2. Lightening

Lightening is the term used when your baby drops down your pelvis. This will let you breathe easily – after many months of your baby kicking your ribs, now the shift will take the pressure off the diaphragm. First-time moms will experience baby dropping a few weeks before the due date. And for those long-time moms, it might occur only a few hours before the labor, as the pelvic muscles are stretched already and no warm-up is needed.


Frequent urination is the result of the baby dropping down and putting pressure on your bladder. The shift/lightening is visible in some moms and others are just unaware of any difference.

3. Diarrhea

When nature gives you the signs of labor, just pick on the clue and get ready. The intestines act weird and might cause abdominal cramps. Frequent bowel movements, diarrhea are the signs of labor. It’s the nature’s enema to empty your intestines and make room in your birth canal.


4. Lower Back Pain

As if the pains and aches that you are going through aren’t enough, the lower back pain in the last few weeks before your due date will increase. This pain is due to the uterine and pelvic ligaments getting stretched like an elastic.

When the baby descends the birth canal with its skull hitting your spine, excruciating back pain is the result. Your unbearable back pain is a sure shot signal that the labor is impending.


5. Acne

Hormones can play havoc during pregnancy. Now you know why you are always emotional or ready to break down? During the last few days before labor begins, the hormone levels are extremely high. Acne breakout might be the result and also a sign of labor or maybe you just went overboard on your junk food consumption!

6. Vaginal Discharge/Bloody Show

Although the vaginal discharge is termed as bloody show, it’s not as bloody as you imagine it to be.


The mucus plug which was protecting the cervix and preventing any infections entering the uterus all through your pregnancy gives way at the end. This is a signal that your labor is on anytime soon. The discharge will be more brownish or bloody color.

7. Water Breaks

If you are dreaming of any dramatic ‘OMG, my water just broke’ kinda sequence in your head, we are sorry to pop that bubble. When your water breaks, it’s more likely a gentle trickle than it is like breaking the floodgates. The rupturing of the membranes might be at the start of labor or during the first stage of your labor.


Usually, after your water breaks, contractions become much more intense and the labor goes faster. If you don’t start labor within the next 72-96 hours after your water breaks, you’ll be induced.

8. Contractions

Contractions are the most common signs of labor. Strong, regular, rhythmic cramps that feel like your menstrual pain is a contraction. This marks the official onset of labor. True labor pain DO NOT lessen until delivery.


Contractions get more intense, frequent, and distinct that it might go from ten to eight to five to three minutes apart. It just radiates from the back across the front of your belly.

These signs of labor might not be there in some women till they experience their first contractions. So watch out for those signs and get ready to go to the hospital to give birth.