8 Reflexology Points To Press On Your Baby’s Feet To Relieve Pain In Various Body Parts

Reflexology is one of the less invasive and non-chemical treatments, that is just perfect for calming down babies. Adults can communicate what is wrong with them clearly, but babies would helplessly resort to crying to the dismay of worrying and panicking parents. Here’s a little background, followed by a reflexology guide with the pressure points, to calm your little ones.

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1. Background On Reflexology


Dating back centuries, a common cultural medicinal practice in China was and still is reflexology. Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflex points located on the feet, palms, and head, that are each connected to a specific part in the body, so by gently using your fingers to massage and apply pressure on those points, it releases the tension in that area of the body too.


Recent scientific and medical studies, although once skeptical, have now shown legitimate evidence of reflexology’s magical healing effects in treating various physical illnesses. What’s more is, when trying to figure out what is wrong with your little ones, reflexology helps calm them down, and let’s parents know what their baby may be experiencing and where.

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2. Parental Guide On Reflexology For Babies


Babies have shown a greater positive response to reflexology than most adults, because they are more sensitive to physical touch in a general sense. For example, it almost comes naturally for babies to be carried, gently patted, or cradled in our arms, to comfort them when they are crying or distressed. Making reflexology the perfect tool for babies to become calm again, so here is a little guide on what points to press on your baby’s feet and which corresponding body parts they are connected to.


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3. Foot Tips For Their Top



To ease issues in their head or teeth, gently press or rub the tips of their toes, as that is directly connected by nerve endings to that area. This also helps relieve them of any discomfort or pain above their neck, from ear infections, and especially when they’re teething.

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4. Central Toes For Nasal Woes


To treat issues in your baby’s sinuses, gently apply a pressure to center of their toes, i.e. the middle of the earlier mentioned, ‘head and teeth’ area. This can help reduce the intensity of their sinus symptoms and make it more bearable, be it due to runny noses from colds, nasal congestion, and respiratory problems.


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5. The Crest Below The Toes For The Chest


The area right below the toes on their feet, where feet touch the ground first when getting out of bed; that area is connected to the chest. By gently massaging this area, your baby will feel some relief from congestion in their chest, and it has even proven to be effective in helping manage serious coughs or colds caused by mucus or phlegm accumulation.

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6. Upper Foot Arch Nexus For The Solar Plexus


The upper arch of our feet just like the solar plexus (located in between the stomach and lungs), both have a similar complex layer of many intertwining nerves. The exact cause of solar plexus pain is hard to narrow down, but it is mostly due to the precarious position between the vital organs and its collection of nerve endings. So, to ease this pain, gently massage the upper-end of the arch of their feet.

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7. The Full Foot Arch For The Upper And Lower Abdomen


The entire arch of the baby’s feet are connected to the abdomen. The upper arch connects to the upper abdomen, while the lower arch connects to the lower abdomen. Pressing these spots or massaging this area of their feet can help ease digestive issues like, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and more.

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8. The Heels For Healing The Pelvis


The heels of a baby’s feet are connected to the pelvic region of the body, and can relieve them of issues like muscle tightness, posture issues, pain in their groin, etc. All you need to do is apply some pressure to the area and it can help reduce pain in their pelvis.

Reflexology is known to give comfort and is effective in dealing with stress, pain reduction and management, as well as congestion for certain physical ailments. It does not claim to be a ‘one-cure-for-all’ technique or an alternative to proper medical attention. For anything more serious or concerning, please do get proper medical assistance.