8 Reasons To Never Refuse A Bowl Of Soup

Can anything comfort you as well as a hot bowl of soup can? No matter how sick you are or how bad your breakup was, good soup always manages to heal you from the inside. We all have our personal favorites ranging from good old chicken soup to the more exotic Tom Yum, but one thing we can all agree on, is that soup is life. If you need more reason to eat soup, here are a few reasons to make you crave some more.

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1. They’re Dead Easy To Make


Once you’ve got a basic stock recipe down, making soup is probably the easiest thing in the world. Even if you’ve been using packet versions all your life, just try making a soup from scratch once and you’ll see how simple it can really be. Chuck all your leftover produce from the vegetable tray into a large pot with some stock and let it simmer

away until you’re ready to eat. One spoonful of your homemade soup and you’ll never want to go back to high-sodium instant versions again.

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2. It’s Easy To Load Up On Vegetables


Rustic soups are your ultimate hack for making sure you get enough vegetables in a day. Preparing each vegetable individually is labor-intensive and who has the time for that? Instead, throw a heaping of vegetables into your stockpot and your nutritional requirements for the day are all set.

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3. Your Kids Will Love Them Too


If there’s one thing most kids have in common, it’s that they hate vegetables. Soups are a great way to disguise nutrition and have your kids unknowingly slurp up all the veggie goodness in them. Soups are also a lot quicker to

eat, so you won’t have to spend hours at the dinner table trying to convince your little one to take just one more bite.

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4. It Retains Nutrients


Many of the vitamins and minerals stored in vegetables get lost due to various cooking processes. Soups on the other hand, lock in all the nutrition because the water isn’t thrown away. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the full health benefits of whatever vegetable you’ve decided to use. Make sure to finish every drop in the bowl as every bit of it is loaded with nutrition.

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5. They’re Low Fat


Soups are your best friend if you’re struggling to shed a few extra pounds. Virtually non-fat, soups are incredibly healthy and will help you stick to your diet in the most delicious way. Cooking

them from scratch ensures that you’re putting in only all the good stuff and have control over getting rid of all the bad fat from them. Including healthy sources of fat into your soups ensures that you stay healthy instead of packing on the pounds.

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6. They’re High In Fiber


Soups are loaded with fiber which our bodies desperately need. They’re composed almost entirely of vegetables which contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Fiber helps our body excrete waste, preventing any toxic buildup in your bowels. If you’ve been struggling with constipation or you simply want to ensure you’re getting enough fiber, soups are an excellent choice.

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7. Clears Your Airways


Mom’s go-to remedy for any illness ranging from the common cold to a much more severe flu was a steaming bowl of soup and

she may have well been right. Soups won’t actually reduce your temperature, but they will ease the other symptoms causing discomfort. Drinking soup decongests your airways, so if you’re struggling with a blocked nose, reach for a bowl of soup for relief. It can also reduce body aches as it keeps you warm from the inside.

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8. Keeps You Satiated


A big bowl of hearty soup is high in nutrition but low in calories. The high water and fiber content in soup can keep you feeling fuller for longer, and thus makes you less likely to snack on unhealthy foods later. Soups are also fully customizable so anyone can prepare one to suit their tastes. This makes it more likely for a person to stick to drinking soup instead of submitting to junk food cravings.