8 Lifestyle Balancing Tips For Busy Women

Work-life balance – does it look like a difficult achievement for you? As your responsibilities and duties mushroom at your office and home, you may find it tough to lead an easy life. Developing healthy habits is vital in such circumstances. Here we give a few tips to help you maintain a perfect balance between your family, career, and most importantly, personal well-being. Every woman has a unique style of working. Something that works well for you may not go well for others.

1. Plan Ahead


As we all know, this is the golden rule for effective management. But, many of us do not know how to do it. To begin with, be sure of your priorities. If you are not a person of long-term planning, make plans for a week. Invest your time in scheduling your work for the upcoming week and make a to-do list. Do not overload your calendar with events. Be sensible. Or else you may not be able to

keep up with the timetable and may get frustrated.

2. Take Care Of Yourself


You need the energy to keep yourself active throughout the day. Exercise regularly. Your body releases feel-good endorphins when you exercise. Walk to work, if your office is walking distance from your house. Avoid sitting for a long time as it is not good for your health. Meditation is another effective stress reducer. Don’t forget to rest and sleep because a healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

3. Manage Social Media Wisely


Managing time wisely is very important when you juggle between work and home. Social media is the No. 1 cause of time wastage. Do not let your smartphone dominate your day. Stop surfing Facebook or Instagram mindlessly. If you find your time being gobbled up by these social networks, come up with ways to restrict yourself from using them. Diverting

your productive time, social media delays your work and will most certainly prolong your stay at the office.

4. Take A Break


Have you watched the latest season of your favorite TV series? Did you read the latest best-selling novel? If your answer is no, then find time for it right away. You need to have time for yourself. Unplugging from the world will give you some quiet time to refresh your mind. Do something you love. Read, dance, draw, or learn something new. It is important that you should feel good about yourself.

5. Learn To Delegate


Everyone aspires to be a supergirl who does everything – shopping, cooking, laundry, and cleaning. But, it may not be a smart move as it adds too much stress to your life. Instead of trying to do all the work, delegate your least favorite tasks. This will

give you an opportunity to focus on activities you value most. Decide which chores you can outsource.

6. Give Up On Perfectionism


Messy home? Not so tasty meals? Do not strive to do everything perfectly every day. Sometimes, perfectionism can be destructive. All of us are bound to make mistakes at work or at home. It is part of being human. There is nothing like a perfect life. If you meet your deadline or if you prepare a dinner for your family, then well done. Give yourself a pat on the back. Do not analyze whether you have done it in the perfect way.

7. Stop Taking Work Home


Establish rules to stop taking work home. Turn off work email notifications on your phone. Say no to texting or sending emails while you hang out with family. This will give you more control over

your life. To improve the quality of time spent with your partner and kids, this is a very significant step.

8. Shed Your Guilt


Does the idea of a ‘good mother’ scare you? Don’t think that you are out of that league because you can’t find time to bake cookies for your kids or read stories to them. What matters is your love, care, and affection for your babies. There is no point in trying to fit into the ‘good mother’ category, which is defined by our community. Believe in yourself and your ability.