Here Are 8 Dishes Health Experts Eat When They’re Feeling Lazy

There are days when you come come from work and all you want to do is curl up in front of the television with a hot meal. But you don’t even have the energy to step into kitchen and boil water. What do you do on days like these? You could order take away or choose to whip up something simple, yet healthy. Wondering what you can concoct with minimal time and energy? Here are some dishes health experts eat when they don’t feel like cooking.

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1. Pop Open Some Pasta


Pasta is one of the easiest and yummiest dishes you can make any time. If you are worried that you’ll gain weight, switch to wholemeal pasta. Add some chopped up veggies and chicken or salmon and you are all set to go. Keep rotating the type of pasta and the sauces you use so that you don’t get bored.

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2. Stir Up Some Fried Goodness


Go raid your fridge for leftovers, put them all in a pan together and stir fry in minimal oil to whip up a delicious dinner. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and is equally nutritious. The secret to make any stir fry delicious is choosing the right dressing and toppings. A dash of sesame oil and Tamari sauce, topped with some roasted almonds and cashews and you will have a yummilicious dinner for one.

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3. Whip Up An Omelet


Omelets have been saving lazy lives and curbing hunger for centuries now. A personal favorite of anyone who is an amateur cook, omelets can be cooked with so many different ingredients and eaten as a whole meal or a side dish. Crack open a few eggs, add some spinach or kale, onions, chopped tomatoes, and cheese for a super-healthy meal. Pour yourself a glass of orange juice to go along with it.

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4. Scramble Some Eggs


If you are not up for an omelet then scramble or fry the eggs instead. Add some pepper, herbs, cottage cheese or tofu and tomatoes to enhance flavor. You can even add leftover chicken or meat to it. Herbs like oregano and thyme would go wonderfully with scrambled eggs. Add two pieces of toast to this for to complete your meal.

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5. Zap Up A Salad


No, by salads we don’t mean eating only the green stuff. Salads don’t have to be boring. You can add roasted veggies, nuts, berries, chicken, eggs, tofu, and basically anything you want to your salads. Experiment with various dressings and toppings to make your salads more interesting and delicious. You could even try including rice, quinoa, or other grains to make your meal more wholesome.

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6. Fry Up Some Frittata


It is not surprising how most of these easy-to-make dishes revolve around eggs. Frittatas are just as convenient as omelets and scrambled eggs. Whisk up a few eggs, add a few spinach leaves and broccoli, cream and maybe some chicken or pancetta; you can decide on the add-ons for yourself. The end result is going to be a healthy, filling, plate of scrumptiousness.

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7. Mix Up A Bowl Of Miso Soup


If you are in the mood to have something warm and light, then your best bet is a bowl of miso soup. You can choose to brew a fresh bowl at home, or buy some at the super market and add some healthy ingredients to it like spinach, mushrooms, and other veggies of your choice. Miso soup is known to be filled with probiotics, manganese, copper, vitamin K.

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8. Ditch Dinner For Dessert


May not be exactly healthy, but you have to admit that this is the yummiest option on the list. Pop open a bottle of fine wine while you snack on a bowl of berries and cream and some dark chocolate. You could even experiment with berries and cheese.Try this out once in a while when you are in the need for some cheering up and crave to sink your teeth into something sweet.