8 Annoying Things Moms Have To Deal With After A C-Section

A C-section birth is more than going through the process of receiving an anesthesia, incision, stitches, and recovery from the surgery. What follows after the delivery is hushed down by the baby’s cries and celebrations of their birth.

The strange part is that no one openly speaks about these things until the mom realizes she is going through it, all at once.


Here are 9 things that moms have to deal with after having a c-section.

1. Staying In The Bed The Whole Day

You will be spending most of your time on the bed,restting, recovering, and feeding the baby. It could get very boring once your husband leaves for work and your mom and friends have gone back. Now, it is just you and your baby at home.


At first, the feeling could freak you out. but, gradually, you will get the hang of things.
In what you feel is your free time, catch up on the last season of Game of Thrones or have a good time watching Friends while your baby is sleeping beside you.

2. Breastfeeding Could Be Challenging

Feeding your baby for the first time is no less than a challenge—it is new for you as well as for them. However, you will be able to start feeding your little one soon after their birth. The nurse or doula will be there to help you, so don’t worry.


3. You May Have To Deal With Constipation

Keeping all the medication aside, it will a stool softener that you would want first. Constipation is that one annoying thing that you will have to deal with after birth—straining on the toilet seat could put pressure on stitches and cause pain. The painkillers and supplements like iron may add onto on to the problem of constipation.
Drinking a lot of water and eating right can help. Here is how to deal with your first bathroom visit after delivery.

4. No Sex For 6 Weeks

Your doctor will ask you to avoid an intercourse for a minimum of 6 weeks. But, who is even asking for it—woman have to deal with cascading blood flow after birth for around 4-6 weeks.
After a c-section, sex is the last thing that will come to your mind.


 5. Baby Blues Are Bad

Baby blues is nothing uncommon—many moms find it absurd to feel low and gloomy when they should be feeling joyous after the little one has arrived. A mother can suffer from post-partum depression irrespective of her method of birth. Postpartum depression is a well-recognized term in today’s date—mothers should speak up about it instead of suffering alone.

Postpartum depression is a well-recognized term in today’s date—mothers should speak up about it instead of suffering alone. Seeking support from family members and therapist can help.


6. You Will Be On Painkillers

Pain after the surgery is pretty evident and it will stay for 2 weeks or more. While you are recovering, you will be on regular medication—painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications and supplements.

7. Farting And Sneezing Could Be Painful Too

With those stitches, even getting a bout cough, a sneeze or passing gas may seem like a painful affair. Women often fear that their sutures will cut open if they sneeze too hard. Though that won’t happen, the pain and discomfort are inexplicable.


Apply counter pressure or hold on your abdomen when you sneeze or cough.

8. You Will Feel Overwhelmed

When the baby finally arrives, it becomes nearly impossible to keep those motherly emotions from flowing. Your hormones could leave you overwhelmed through the first few days after your baby’s birth until you digest the fact that you are a mother now.


It is completely normal—cry your heart out and cherish these moments, which you had been waiting for so long.