7 Warning Signs Of Bone Thinning To Watch Out For.

The following 7 warning signs should alert you that your bones are thinning so be watchful!

  1. History of one or more fractures in the previous two years due to situations that were not enough callous to bring about such a fracture. The astonishing aspect is that just a negligible knock, smack or hit can cause a severe fracture or rupture. As a matter of fact such a fracture is a warning indicator that your bones have started showing signs of osteoporosis and unless you take safety measures such as increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D supplements in addition to a well-balanced diet and ample regular exercise.DXA scan—–a specialized kind of radiograph is used for the purpose of gauging the quantity of calcium and other minerals responsible for hardening of bones.
  2. Naturally a thin framed body: Individuals with undersized and slender bones or those with frail body frames are liable to build up osteoporosis prematurely. Such persons need to take the following measures:
    1. Do strength-training exercises
    2. Perform impact exercises
    3. Eat a diet that is nutritionally balanced
    4. Take supplements containing Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D
  3. Intake of corticosteroids for the treatment of an autoimmune disease: Chronic intake of corticosteroids for an autoimmune disease triggers osteoporosis by leaking out calcium, vitamin D as well as other essential nutriments from the bones.
  4. Intake of thyroid hormones for treatment of low thyroid whips up loss of high levels of bone trouncing. In such cases the health practitioner is likely to advise a bone density scan soon after going on corticosteroids to ensure that the patients possess the bone mass essential to endure the effects of the corticosteroids. Sometimes the doctor can even ask the patient to get his or her 24 hour urine calcium analysis in addition to the vitamin D test to assess the level of bone density. Radiographs of the vertebral column may also be asked for, so as to rule out miniature fractures.
  5. Smokers are at risk of osteoporosis unless and until they give it up for good.
  6. Intake of two or more liquor pegs per day for quite some time is enough to cause leakage of calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals from the bones.
  7. Those who do not drink milk on account of lactose intolerance (or some other reason) are likely to be at risk for frail bones.

Dissimilar to many other ailments, osteoporosis does not manifest any symptoms awaiting a fracture; that is the reason it is known as the unvoiced ailment. Regular physical activity is the most valuable to amplify bone density and keep away from fractures. Indulgence in weight-bearing exercise along with resistance weight training is the best way to perk up bone density and to decelerate the bone loss.


Those work outs which place pressure on bones assist to formulate calcium deposits and arouse bone forming cells.

Treatment for Bone Thinning

  1. Walking
  2. Jogging
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Aerobics
  5. Dancing

All the aforementioned activities increase the strength of bones and muscles. Moreover, expenditure of functional time in clean, refreshing and unpolluted air and sunshine along with a well-balanced diet are the best ways to put a stop to thinning of bones.