7 Truths About Those Women Who Choose A Drug-Free Birth

Women have a higher endurance for pain—the grueling process childbirth is enough to mark our ability to have a higher pain threshold.
Medical science does offer us, women, a few options to relieve or reduce the pain of childbirth. However, some women choose against it and wish to do in a completely natural way.

Long time back, there were no doctors, nurses or surgeries to assist a pregnant woman in birth. Even today, if we trust our bodies, we can make birthing as natural as it can get without any medical intervention, provided there are favorable conditions and surrounding for birth.


Today, if a woman wants to go drug-free, people do mind such a choice—they question and criticise her decision.

Here is what the women who choose to birth drug-free have to say to those who instead of supporting them welcome them with derision and criticism for not being mainstream.


1. Pain Makes It Hard For Everyone Including Her

She knows the pain is excruciating and she had prepared herself for it, physically and mentally. It might turn out to be an intense and wrenching pain, but she knows this is what her body is capable of like all those women who have been giving birth before there existed any medical assistance.

2. She Has Done All The Preparation Beforehand

A woman who decides to give it a shot without drugs knows that she will need support to go through it all. She has hired the best midwife and doula. Her family is there to support her through the thick and thin.


3. Natural Pain Management Options Have Been Considered

A mother who has opted for a drug-free birth understands that her body and its capabilities. Definitely, she has thought of ways to alleviate the pain using natural ways. She has attended prenatal yoga classes, learned the breathing techniques and routinely gone for hypnobirthing classes.

In short, she knows the right way to go about it.


4. She Cares For Her Baby

Yes, she is absolutely concerned about her baby’s health like any mother. Therefore, she asks for an unmedicated birth in the most favorable and comfortable surroundings.

It is well known that babies who are born without any medication are more alert and latch easily during breastfeeding.
She knows she is not risking her baby’s life—she has been given a green signal by her midwife and only after weighing down all the risk factors has she decided to go with her choice.


5. She Is Neither Proving Herself Nor Letting Others Down

Childbirth is no stunt where a woman wants to prove that she is better than other because she can do it by herself. A mother has her own reasons to chose for a normal and drug-free birth.

She wants her baby to be born safely with least intervention possible and of course no drugs. She isn’t undervaluing and underestimating mothers who seek the safety and assurance of medical care, neither does she think she is strong and wants to prove it.


6. Birthing The Baby Without Assistance Makes Her Feel Stronger

However, she isn’t doing it to tell the world she can conquer pain. For any mother, birthing is their life’s personal achievement. She knows that childbirth without the help of drugs could be traumatic, but she also knows that her decision is supported by her dear ones and that makes her stronger to endure the agonies that she will face.

7. She Knows Difficult Times May Arise

Yes, she is also prepared for the situation where she may not be able to go any further and the thought of getting some pain relief might cross her mind. For that, she need not be judged—since labor and birth are unpredictable events, she has come prepared for it.


A mother trusting her instincts and choosing her own method of giving birth doesn’t make her reckless or selfish. She cares for her baby and it is her will and decision to decide how she wants to bring her baby into the world.