7 Top Reasons To Practice Yoga During Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant is the beginning of a journey that is joyful and overwhelming. Apart from this, there arises a need for a mom to stay healthy by eating right, sleeping well and giving her body enough rest. But, lifestyle habits like a bad posture, unhealthy eating, and excess stress affects a mother’s well-being. Prenatal yoga provides a lot of benefits to an expectant mother. Correct breathing technique accompanied by yoga stretches can bring about positive changes if followed regularly. Here are 7 ways in which you can benefit from prenatal yoga.

1. Benefits From Breathing Techniques

One of the initial practices in yoga concentrates on breathing. Pregnancy demands more oxygen flow into the body. This can be achieved with the very basic, but significant breathing techniques like deep breathing and using abdominal and chest muscles to breathe. Yoga helps you relax through the correct and mindful process of breathing. Practicing yoga more often releases the tension buildup in the mind and body. A relaxed mind can in turn ease process of birth.

2. Supports The Body

Your body will go through

a plethora of physical changes as your baby continues to grow inside you. The lower body has to support the belly as well as carry the body weight. Prenatal yoga stretches your muscles in a safe way and strengthens them. It tones your body to retain balance with a right posture, which develops strength.

3. Relieves Tension In The Muscles And Joints

You realize that your muscles are under constant pressure when you exhaust yourself quickly, and always look forward to sitting and relaxing. Your growing belly and developing breasts seem to pull you down. Prenatal yoga can to a larger extent relieve your body from the stress build-up. Breathing is one way; yogic poses also release tension from the joints and help your muscles relax, especially in the back, chest, and neck—the aching areas that always seem to complain.

4. Provides Pelvic Strength And Stability

No wonder you become more flexible during pregnancy before you even say ‘yoga’. The hormone called relaxin, as the name suggests relaxes the ligaments around the pelvis region—your body’s way to stretch open and make birthing easier. But,

that can result in the lower back and pelvic region. Prenatal yoga offers a number of safe exercises for moms to reduce and even prevent this type of bothersome pain. Breathing techniques taught during yoga helps the body calm down, making the pain manageable.

5. Prepares For The Labor

Your body is naturally capable of dealing with pain during childbirth. Breathing and relaxation techniques only aid the process and benefit you when the labor pain sets in. Breathing from the abdomen releases hormones like endorphins and oxytocin that help relieve pain. It also slows down the release of cortisol and adrenalin, which decrease the stress levels in the body. Yoga poses like squats and hip circles help open up the pelvis and make labor easier and quicker.

6. Develops Self-Awareness And Connections With The Baby

Yoga will help you relax and slow down. A mother can become more aware of her changing body and the baby, growing inside her. This way she can take care of her body in a better way. There are many classes that offer visualization techniques, which help the mother

develop a strong bond with her baby. In a way, sans stress, you will enjoy your pregnancy to a greater extent.

7. Offers Benefits Of Socializing

While you enjoy all the benefits of the prenatal classes, you also get to socialize with other moms. This provides you an opportunity to discuss your pregnancy experience and talk about anything and everything that fellow moms can relate to very well. Connect better with them and vent out your thoughts and concerns while you spend time opening your mind and body to yoga and its benefits.

Yoga is one of the best exercises that moms can include in their lifestyle. The results and benefits are not just anecdotal rather science has supported yoga with experiments. It has been found that duration of labor, labor pain, and discomforts during delivery are reduced for mothers who regularly practiced yoga during their pregnancies.1

Note: Precautions need to be taken when you practice yoga

during a particular trimester. Make sure your yoga instructor knows that you are pregnant. In the case of pregnancy complications, consult your obstetrician before joining any such classes. Listen to your body—never push yourself or overdo if you feel discomfort.