7 Tips Which Can Help You Lose Your Weight While Breastfeeding

You feel lighter after delivering your baby but the truth is, you probably still have the baby-weight to shed. Breastfeeding is a very important stage for your baby, so you should eat healthy and nutritious food. During this phase, the last thing that you can think about is to undertake a crash diet or follow the latest fad diet.



The good news is – with the right kind of discipline and food habits, you can shed the “baby weight” off your body. If you eat a wholesome and balanced diet and follow a regular exercise regime, you can successfully lose those extra pounds from your body and at the same time ensure that your baby is not deprived of any nutrition.

7 Things To Include:

We know that you are already dreaming to work out and re-possess the shape you had before pregnancy, but do not be impatient. Just as you had put on your weight gradually, similarly you will all lose it slowly.


The body needs to learn to lose the weight and not regain it back, so do not rush it – slow and steady wins the race, in this case! Following a perfect weight loss diet for breastfeeding mothers helps. Here is a list of food items that will help you achieve your pre-baby bod:

1. Fruits And Vegetables:

While nursing, don’t forget include all the types of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • This will provide the most required vitamins and minerals needed in your body and which will indirectly benefit your newborn.
  • Fruits and vegetables also give your body the fluid component which is also very much important in formation of your breast milk.

2. Proteins:

With more responsibility added to you now, your diet should be rich in protein.

  • This will ensure muscle strengthening of your baby and also give you the necessary energy and strength.
  • When you consume less of proteins, you’ll easily feel exhausted and your milk supply may also be affected.

3. Whole Grains:

Rather than consuming while rice, refined wheat or other flours, opt for whole grains and cereals.

  • This will provide the good “slow-release” carbs needed by your body to produce energy.
  • They are also the natural form of starch and sugar rather than the processed ones.

4. Good Fats:

  • During your breastfeeding phase, your body also needs fat. But this should not be the unhealthy fats.
  • Therefore, apart from mono and polyunsaturated fats, you should say no to all the unfit fats.
  • Consuming other fats will not only bring heart ailments but also increase your body weight.

5. Water:

Water is very essential for a breastfeeding mom and it serves as the best beverage.

  • On an average, a breastfeeding mom should consume at least 12-16 cups of water every day. Each cup should be about 150-180ml.
  • Water helps in keeping your body toxin free and always hydrated.

6. Meat And Fish:

Some might say that eating meat may not be beneficial during breastfeeding, but do not forget that they are excellent source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Include the following meat in your diet to lose weight while breastfeeding.

  • You should try to eat lean or white meat instead of red one. This includes lean cuts of poultry like chicken and turkey.
  • Most seafood are white meat; opt for fish with low mercury content.

7. Exercise:

The idea of consuming above mentioned diet is useless if you do not do some amount of daily exercise. We recommend walking at least 30-45 minutes a day.

  • In the initial stages of breastfeeding you should not take up rigorous exercise but small amounts of physical activity can make you active.
  • You can always consult your doctor to find out the best suitable exercises for you.

3 Things To Avoid:

While breastfeeding, you should remember that whatever you intake as food will be passed on to your baby in the form of your milk. So if a particular food is unhealthy for your baby, avoid it without giving it a second glance!


1. Alcohol:

In the first two months after your baby’s birth, you should completely restrain from taking alcohol.

  • Even after that time period, do not go overboard. Restrict your intake to 1 or 2 occasional drinks.
  • After you consume alcohol, do not not breastfeed immediately. Make sure there is a gap of at least 4-5 hours of time for breastfeeding, to avoid passing on alcohol to your baby.

2. Caffeine:

Caffeine is not healthy for your new born baby and thus you should not consume those extra cups of tea or coffee.

  • Apart from one cup of tea or coffee in the morning, it is best advised to stay away from it.
  • As per the guidelines the consumption should not exceed more than 300 mg in a day.

3. Junk Food:

You might face a lot of hunger pangs during the breastfeeding phase but that is not an excuse for gorging on junk food! Snack healthily, on veg sticks and nuts.

  • In all circumstances, you should stay away from high calorie fast foods, soft drinks and desserts.
  • These foods can pile up unhealthy calories and fat in your body which is an obstruction for losing weight.

Thus, it is necessary to remain patient and calm and let the weight loose slowly but steadily. We hope you will follow the guidelines of a healthy diet plan to lose weight while breastfeeding.