7 Things You Won’t Have Imagined Your Baby Does In Womb

While you are carrying out your daily tasks—going to work, washing the dishes, or probably, watching Netflix with your partner, you wonder what your baby does all this time.

Some night owls wake up only when you retire for the day and indulge in kicking and moving around when you are already fast asleep. However, a mother still wonders what her baby does every day during these 9 months while they are growing and developing.

Does it get boring or do they feel cramped inside the walls of the womb? You may have felt them kick or move more often when you are taking rest or lying down—they might be poking you for some action.

Here are some things your baby might be happily busy with.

1. Sleeping And Dreaming

You may be aware that your baby spends most of their time sleeping and conserving energy. But, they may possibly be dreaming as well.

Researchers aren’t really sure on this, but rapid eye movement (REP) has been observed in babies who are 32 to 36 week old. REP in humans has been associated with dreaming and

experts say it is not altogether impossible in unborn babies.

Since we can’t monitor their brain activity, we don’t know what they dream about—probably, previous life?

2. Sucking Their Hands Or Thumb

Many ultrasound scans have shown babies sucking on their thumbs in utero—signifying that they learn to suck even before birth. Sucking on thumbs or hands is soothing and has been observed to mellow down the newborns. It is usually considered a reflex action, but your baby has probably become fond of it.

3. Practicing Breathing

Breathing in the womb? It may come as a surprise, but your unborn baby practices breathing to prepare themselves for the life outside. By as early as 9 weeks, they imitate movements similar to breathing. Initially, their lungs are filled with the amniotic fluid and that is what they practice breathing in and out.

Your body produces a biological chemical called surfactant that is released into the amniotic fluid and inhaled by the baby—it prevents the lungs from collapsing in the absence of air.

4. Getting Sacred And Crying

The fear of loud noises is naturally induced in humans even before they

are born. Your baby might get startled on hearing loud noises—it could be a loud noise like a dog’s bark or a sudden jerk when the mother sneezes.

You may not be able to hear them, but babies have been captured crying in the womb, protruding their trembling bottom lip—they may even respond with a kick or a movement.

5. Yawning

Baby yawns are super adorable! What is even more amazing is catching your little one yawn on the ultrasound scan. Moms could either take that sign of being sleepy or getting bored being all day in a cramped space—well, we take the former.

6. Hiccuping

Some moms may not feel it, but others claim to have felt their baby’s little hiccups in the form of rhythmic movements in their belly for a short duration, especially towards the end of the pregnancy term. We cannot think of a cuter thing than a baby hiccup.

7. Passing An Adorable Smile

Smiles are contagious and it can spread from you to your baby if you catch them doing so in one of the 4D ultrasound. They can start smiling

by as early as 26 weeks—probably, a reflex, but it has been observed. They might be smiling right now, happy that they are safe being so close to their mother.

Your baby is having a comforting life inside the womb—eating, sleeping and occasionally, poking you with a kick or a move.