7 Things To Remember If You’re A Struggling Artist

Being a struggling artist is definitely not as glamorous as they make it seem in the movies. In between struggling to pay your bills, finding a place to live and desperately trying to peddle your work, it can be easy to just throw in the towel and find a regular job. But if you’re truly passionate about your craft, you will still stick by it through the most difficult phases of your life because it’s the one thing that makes you happy. So if you’re an artist down on your luck, remember these seven things which will help you get through it.

1. Find Your Cheerleader


It’s no fun when it’s just you against the world. Having just one person who values your work and believes in you can make all the difference. It can give you the resilience to handle rejections and to face hardships. So if you find someone who understands how important your art is to you, never let them


2. Keep Your Eyes Open


You don’t have to live in an idyllic French villa to produce some of your best work. Art is all around you, you just need to keep your eyes open. Don’t be tempted to become a recluse, you’re missing out on so much material. Simply going for a long walk when you feel uninspired can get those creative juices flowing again. Retain your sense of curiosity and take notice of everything you see around you. The greatest works of art were often representations of otherwise mundane activities.

3. Don’t Hunger For Approval


Constructive criticism is always important but don’t be tempted to completely lose your identity as an artist for the sake of approval. Most famous artists drew more criticism than they did praise, so don’t lose heart if the same happens to you. As long as you

believe in the value of your work, you don’t need validation from every person you meet for it.

4. Don’t Stop Creating


When things don’t seem to improve for you, you might want to just give up your art and lose all faith in your talent. But some of the greatest artists in history had to go through several rejections before they got their big break. Many weren’t even appreciated until after they were dead. The one thing they all had in common though was that they never stopped their work. You should also take inspiration from their hard lives and persevere with your art.

5. Don’t Be Too Much Of A Perfectionist


If you manically keep trying to perfect your work so much that you’re never ready to release it, then you will never get anywhere. Oftentimes, works of art became successful because

their small flaws made them more interesting. When you’re creating a piece of art, it is more important you empty your soul into it than strive to make every little bit of it perfect.

6. Maintain Your Integrity


It’s more important that you stay true to yourself and follow your principles than conform into what others want you to be. At the end of the day, you need to live with yourself. If you’re completely certain that you haven’t betrayed your principles, it won’t matter as much what others think of you. So, go ahead and stand out from the crowd, your opinion of yourself matters more than those of others.

7. Find Similar Friends


There’s something especially isolating about being an artist. You feel like you’re the only person who truly understands what it’s like to do something different. But this is not

true at all. There are plenty of other artists out there who are going through the exact same thing. Forming a group with them will motivate all of you to stick to your dreams. It will also help you make new friends who share similar interests and who appreciate art as much as you do.