7 Things Intelligent People DON’T Do

Most often, we think of intelligence as a high IQ point, or as an expert in a certain field. A chess Grandmaster, or a physicist is definitely smart, but an art major… maybe not. Someone with an IQ of 149 certainly trumps someone with an IQ of 106, but we never really take their emotional quotient into account. We categorize intelligence according to what the norm states, but don’t always think beyond it. Intelligence is a mixture of many things: logical soundness, emotional capacity, hard work and dedication, problem solving ability, creative thinking, talent, and a great perspective. All intelligent people share some qualities, and live their lives by certain principles. There are things intelligent people do, and things they avoid. When we move away from negative habits and thoughts, we make way for most positivity to enter our lives. Here are some things that intelligent people avoid doing:

1. They Don’t Spend Recklessly


Financial matters are hardly ever touted when it comes to lists about successful or happy people, but finances rule the world. Someone who is prudent in their spending benefits greatly. However, being thrifty and being cheap are two different things. Being thrifty means to reduce unnecessary spending, like taking a tote bag along with you when you shop for groceries, or using the internet or apps to access media rather than subscribing to a magazine or a newspaper. Small savings add up to big numbers.

2. They Don’t Dwell


Intelligent people find a way to move on from their mistakes and shortcomings. All of us are going to have to face our fair share of failures in our lives, but smart people find a way to learn from it and move on. Rumination leads to conditions like depression, and has no purpose whatsoever. Always living in the past and trying to fix something that has already happened is not only a waste of time, but takes up a lot of your emotional functioning. Being able to accept and learn from mistakes helps to succeed in the long run, and leads a person to become stronger and smarter about their future decisions.

3. They Don’t Rely On Good Luck


Success is a mixture of hard work and the right timing, but a lot of people rely completely on luck to drive their success. They hope for the best, but only keep hoping. A smart person knows that hard work can help them take steps forward, even if they are miniature steps that seem like almost nothing. Depending on themselves means that they have a lot of factors in their own control, and a lot of what happens is attributed to their work. When success finally comes calling, they know it was 99% their work and 1% luck, which adds more value to what they have achieved.

4. They Don’t Give Up On Themselves


A lot of intelligent people face backlash and criticism for the things they say and do. Their ideas can seem far-fetched, and sometimes just plain stupid. Along with this, their success is also trial and error: they end up facing a lot of ridicule and humiliation sometimes. This doesn’t mean they give up on what they set out to do. They are confident in their ideas and abilities, and know how to learn from what goes wrong to make a better decision the next time. They don’t bend at the will of the masses, but believe in their abilities and achievements despite oppression.

5. They Don’t Overestimate Themselves


Smart people also know where and when to draw the line. There is believing in yourself, and then there is believing in yourself even when you probably can’t do something. Each one of us has our strengths, but they should not be confused for superpowers. When something cannot be done, they make sure to move the work to someone who can actually get it done. Overestimating yourself not only keeps someone in a stagnant place, but leads to unnecessary frustration and disappointment that can be avoided by having a realistic overview of their own strengths and limitations.

6. They Don’t Rely On A Single Plan


Smart people never store all their eggs in a single basket. For a lot of people for example, a single idea seems like their greatest inspiration and a certain success. However, a smart person knows that even the most well executed idea has the potential to fail, and always keeps a plan B ready. Being overconfident can be like shooting yourself in the foot. Keeping a safety net ready in case something goes wrong (which it most often does) can save you unnecessary trouble and heartache.

7. They Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks


Taking a risk for a greater gain seems exciting because the success rate, though small, can be huge. Many business giants and tycoons quote that a massive risk was their pathway to a hugely successful life, but not all of us end up so lucky. There are risks, and then there are calculated risks. Something that seems too good to be true usually is, and intelligent people can see the difference between a risk worth taking and something that can take everything away from you.