7 Steps To Prevent Calcium Deficiency

7 Steps to Prevent Calcium Deficiency
7 Steps to Prevent Calcium Deficiency

What would we do if we had no bones? We would just be all skin, spineless. Could not even stand, can’t even walk. That is why we need our bones strong and healthy. That is why calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. 99% of calcium is found in our bones and in our teeth. Two or three pounds of it are mostly found in our bones and in our teeth. Imagine a world without bones. Imagine a world without teeth.

As much as calcium is very essential for our teeth and bones, we also use it in different ways. We use calcium to be an electrolyte for transmitting nerve signals, for water balance, for neutralizing acid/alkaline in our bodies and maintaining osmotic pressure. Calcium also helps in blood clotting, muscle contraction and heart muscle function.


So in order to prevent calcium deficiency we are listing whole foods that are a good calcium source. Other than food we are also listing other ways so we can avoid calcium deficiency. So, here they are.

Eat Foods Containing Calcium

In order to get calcium, we need to eat whole foods that are a good source for calcium. Some of these foods are milk and yogurt, cheese, bones in canned sardines and salmon, orange juice and soy milk, and dark green leafy vegetables.


Calcium Supplements

Then it is also important to take calcium supplements. But be sure to take calcium supplements that are in a compound form. Calcium citrate and calcium carbonate would be the best choices for this. It is the best choice because calcium citrate and calcium carbonate are easy to find, they contain huge amounts of elemental calcium and are easily digested.

Vitamin D

Third, take vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption. The recommended dosage would be more than 50 micro grams or 2000 International Units a day.



Fourth is to exercise. In any type of age or fitness level, exercise is always a must for people to be healthy. With regards to calcium deficiency, exercising regularly will better assimilate calcium into the body compared to sedentary individuals. Lack of physical activity prevents our bodies from assimilating calcium.

Take Some Sunshine Vitamin

Fifth, we need to get some natural sunshine. As taking in vitamin D supplements are important. Twenty minutes of direct or indirect sunlight will give our bodies plenty of natural vitamin D. This is why vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin.


Stop Smoking

Sixth, stop smoking or if you are planning to smoke, don’t go ahead with that plan. Smoking only intensifies osteoporosis or other calcium deficiency diseases.


Seventh, drink less alcohol. Same as with smoking, alcohol intensifies calcium deficiency.