7 Signs You Might Be Headed For A Heart Attack

You may think that your heart is healthy as long you eat and exercise right. But there are umpteen silent yet deadly factors in close proximity to you that can weaken your heart and increase the chances of a heart attack. Sometimes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will still fall short when it comes to avoiding a heart failure. Check out 7 signs that tell you to slow down and pay more attention to your heart.


1. Most Of Your Day Is Spent In Front Of A Screen


You could be a couch potato who spends most of your time in front of the TV or a workaholic who sits in front of the computer screen the whole day. But the damage done to your heart is still the same. Studies show that people who sit in front of the TV or computer for more than 4 hours per day are at a risk heart diseases by a whopping 125 percent. Sitting for long hours can cut down the production of lipoprotein lipase, which is an enzyme that prevents clogged arteries by breaking down fat. It is suggested that you take a brief walk every 20 minutes or so to burn more calories and prevent heart disorders.


2. You Sleep For Less Than Six Hours Each Day


Lack of sleep is another major factor that can contribute to heart disease. You may feel that sleep takes up your precious time and that you can manage without it by downing plenty of coffee or energy drinks. But this cannot be farther from the truth. Lack of sleep or sleep disorders can put men and women at equal risk when it comes to heart attacks. It is advised that men and women get at least 5 and 6 hours of sleep respectively to rule out chances of potential heart attacks.


3. You Are Exposed To Extreme Temperatures


Experts have observed that people who live in extremely hot or cold regions have a heightened risk of cardiovascular disorders like heart attacks. Exposure to temperatures higher than 68 degree Fahrenheit or lower than 17 degree Fahrenheit can increase your heart attack risk to a great extend. So, make it a point to keep yourself warm enough on winters and vice-versa during summers. Also remember to hydrate well, no matter the season.


4. Your Locality Is Smoggy


You may think smog will affect your lungs alone. But it is equally dangerous for your heart. A study observes that heightened exposure to extreme levels of air pollution can shoot up your heart attack risk by a huge margin. The effects may be immediate or could strike over a period of time. The immediate effects of smog are mostly observed in elderly patients with heart disease. Smog is also known to clog your arteries and cause heart inflammations.


5. You Are Dealing With Divorce


Divorces literally involve many broken hearts. Certain studies show how people who go through the stress and heartache of divorce can have increased risks of heart disease. Women who are divorced have an increased heart attack risk by 25 percent, while men who have been divorced twice have an increased risk by 30 percent.


6. You Have A Short Temper


Having a temper that blows up even for the littlest things is not a factor that complements your health or social status well. Heightened anger levels increase your blood pressure, make your body tense and tighten your blood vessels. Experts point out that sudden outbursts of anger can trigger heart attacks and strokes 9 times faster than when you are your normal self. Next time you feel a burst of anger coming up, think of your heart, and try to calm down. Drink a glass of water or count up to 10 to cool yourself down.


7. You Eat Your Supper Late


If you have the habit of having your dinner late, you better put a stop to it. A study by Turkish researchers show eating late night dinners can increase your blood pressure, that will stay the same throughout the night. Know as ‘non-dipper hypertension’, this can shot up the chances of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks. In order to reduce this risk experts suggest that you stick to an early dinner and stick to the same eating pattern every night.