7 Reasons Why Your Hair Stops Growing

Longer, stronger hair is what many women desire. But most fail to get those tresses to grow after a certain point. Most of us tend to blame the hair products or lack of trimming often for the limited hair growth. But there might be some little-known reasons for slow, stunted, or no hair growth.

1. Blame Your Genes



Our potential to grow hair depends on our genes. Some of us can grow it to knee length, but some can’t get it reach even the shoulders. Every individual has his or her own cycle of hair growth, and there’s a phase in which the hair has the potential to reach its longest.1

2. Age



Aging can also slow down your hair growth. As you get older, the chances of having long hair is less.2 This happens as the oil production on the scalp begins to slow down after the age of 45.

3. Breakage



How are you supposed to have longer hair if they keep breaking off halfway? Brittle and weak hair could contribute to midway breakage of hair, which stops your hair from reaching the desired length. Stay away from over processing to get longer hair.3

4. Health Issues



Every element and part of your body works in sync. When there is something wrong with your health, your hair won’t be healthy either. Diseases or disorders related to thyroid, blood, immunity, and nutrition deficiency can cause a reduction in hair growth. In case you doubt this might be the cause, consult a doctor soon.4 5

5. Diet



Diet and vitamin deficiencies are major reasons why your hair stops growing. Along with your body and its organs, your hair needs an essential amount of nutrients for healthy growth. Lack of adequate nutrients in the body can cause brittleness and breakage.6 7

6. Skin Conditions Of Your Scalp



An unhealthy scalp can cause issues like inflammation, which makes it difficult for your hair to grow. Skin conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, and fungal infections are also reasons why your hair can stop growing.8 9

7. Hair Routine



Your hair gets immune to the hair routine and products that you use to make them grow longer. Decrease the amount of chemicals, coloring, and bleaching, and go easy on your hair dryer to let your hair grow longer.10

What might be the reason for you? Decide on a method for better hair growth by first recognizing the reason for your hair loss.