7 Qualities A Woman Should Look For In A Man

Women, by default, are picky creatures. While this attribute might work in various other aspects of life, it does not bode well if one is looking for a long-term relationship. Also, with the current trends like Tinder, Snapchat and other app-assisted relationships, the fundamental aspects that are essential to court a potential companion is somewhere lost, leaving the individuals involved to get disappointed down the road.

Somewhere between knowing what they want and what they are setting themselves with, women are desperately in need of a shift in the qualities they are looking for in a man, if they are rooting for a long-term relationship. Along with the basic qualities they prefer – whether he is tall enough, whether his shoe size is big enough, what weekend hobbies he has, what shows does he watch and what friends he hangs out with and so on, it is essential to look out for characteristics that qualify him as the “long-term material”. Following are some such qualities that a woman should look for in a potential companion:

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1. Chivalry Is Hot


One of most important quality in a man, that has been overlooked in today’s age of cool, arrogant(in the name of confidence) and macho men, is the old-fashioned chivalry. Despite the strong bravado most women showcase, every single one of them are longing for some gentlemanly conduct. Though they hold a door open here and there, and give up their seat for a woman once in awhile, only few men (“few” being the functioning word) even know what being a gentleman truly is. And if at all you find a man, who treats you like a lady, you should consider not letting him go.

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2. A Mature Man Is Always An Ideal Man


Being mature means he is capable of taking care of all aspects of his life, and has the capacity to handle problems with a calm and collected manner. A mature guy knows how to handle his money and is mostly secure about the financial aspects of his life, even if it does not mean he is rich. You may find a guy who showers you with expensive gifts, but if he is not mature enough to consider the repercussions of buying those costly gifts on his finances, you might want to check your priorities before you fall for shallow, temporary bliss.

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3. Brings Positive Vibes


Living in a negative world, it is important to have a man who fundamentally has a positive outlook towards life. A long term relationship is bound to face ups and downs, and a companion who is positive in his approach, will help you get through the downs with fewer burns and an attitude intact.

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4. Honesty And Integrity Are A Must


An honest man will tell you the truth, even though it might sound harsh if it helps you, and not the lies that might sound good but keeps you in the dark. Integrity, is a very expensive quality that defines a man’s character. A man with integrity will stay true to his word and to himself. A man with honesty and integrity respects himself and his woman.

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5. A Good Sense Of Humor Is Pretty Awesome


A sense of humour might not sound as important as other essential aspects to look for in a man, but a man who cannot laugh about himself or even a serious situation will make life very serious.

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6. Who Values You


The initial days of a relationship is guaranteed to have a lot of time spent together. But it is important to check if you remain his priority over the time. For him to remain faithful to you, and to put the effort that a relationship takes, it is essential for him to consider you valuable.

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7. A Warm-Heart Full Of Compassion


A man might be rich, he might be hot and cool, but what defines a man is his compassion towards others. How a man treats his elders, children, animals or anybody else he comes across, shows how compassionate he is.