7 of Nature’s Skincare Remedies

7 of Nature’s Skincare Remedies
7 of Nature’s Skincare Remedies

Why smear artificial, costly products over your face when you can use cheap, natural remedies? Nature’s produce is great for all sorts of skin problems! Here are seven great solutions for skin issues.


Tomato is great solution to oily skin. Just mash one ripe tomato, and leave it smeared onto your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, wash the mush off with warm water.



Banana is good for combatting wrinkles. Mash up a ripe banana with enough honey to achieve a soft pulp. Apply the mix to your face and put the leftovers in your hair for a shiny look.


Avocado is a good for dry skin. Just mash up the avocado and apply the mix to your face. Finally, wash the mix off. The longer you leave the mix on, the more moisturising effect it will have.



Almonds are perfect for exfoliation (removal of dead skin). Mix two parts ground almonds and one part honey with a squeeze of lemon juice. Rub the mix over your face, wait for a few minutes, and wash off with warm water.


Lemon is nature’s solution for removing blackheads. Mix the juice of one whole lemon with a mug of warm water and rub it on to your skin. Then, to seal the pores, rinse with cold water.


Potato is great for getting rid of dark eye shadows, puffy bags and acne. Lay potato slices over your eyes as is traditionally done with cucumber. Alternatively, peel a potato, cook it, and mash it with a cup of warm milk, before leaving the mix on your face and removing with water.


Milk can smoothen and soften skin. Just rub some milk into your face with disposable cotton pads and rinse off with warm water.

The above remedies are all edible, however, take care as some food you are not normally allergic to can cause reactions when applied to skin. It is advised to dab a touch of these mixtures onto your skin and wait a day to ensure you are not allergic to them.