7 Myths Related To Pregnancy That Are Backed By Logic

Superstitions have successfully seeped into our lives and continue to exist even today. Women who are carrying often get intimidated by the baseless believes that people warn them about.

Not to go out during an eclipse, keep a dagger under the pillow, avoid going near water bodies like lakes and rivers. Some of these don’t make much sense—but there exists few, which we think might have been created out of a good cause.

Here is a list of myths that may somehow make sense in the name of safety and caution for a pregnant woman.

1. Sitting Cross-legged Will Cause The Baby To Be Born With Clubfoot

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Well, not entirely true, this could be considered as a way for women to sit in a good posture. Sitting cross-legged can cause hindrance in the blood flow to the lower part of the body, leading to varicose veins.
Varicose veins could cause pain and discomfort, which any mom would want to


2. Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Go To Funerals Or Homes Of Sick

While there may not seem to be a logic behind it, there is a good reason pregnant women should avoid such places. Funerals are a sad place to be. The mourning and gloominess could cause the mother to feel depressed, sad or mentally stressed—so, it is considered best to avoid them.

Mothers could also catch germs from sick people, especially in the places where they stay—the infection could be a threat to the baby’s health. So, this one seems to make sense after all.

3. Don’t Leave Your Or Baby’s Clothes Hanging Outside After Sunset

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Your baby’s immunity is very low in the first few months of life. Their clothes must be clean and tidy.

Leaving the clothes out after sunset might invite insects and animals in open that could dirty the baby wear or crawl under them. This applies to the mother as well because the baby stays

close to her almost at all times.

4. If You Pet A Cat, Your Baby Will Have Too Many Foes In Future

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Apparently, they came out with this one to strictly keep the mother away from cats and there is a good reason they were doing so.

Cat poop contains a parasite called toxoplasmosis, which could result in serious blood infections, threatening the baby’s health. Even though you are not cleaning the cat’s litter box, it is best to stay away from any felines to avoid any risk at all.
Infections are your greatest enemies right now.

5. Buying, Receiving Or Opening Gifts Before Baby’s Arrival Could Cause Miscarriage or Misfortune

Many times, moms have refrained themselves from telling about their pregnancy at all, so as to avoid receiving any gifts for the baby. However, this is a superstition in every sense. What is true, however, is that the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester as compares

to the rest of the nine months.
Even though there is no risk to your baby in announcing your pregnancy in the first trimester, women are encouraged to wait until the period of high risk passes away.

6. Eating Spices Could Burn Your Baby’s Eyes Causing Blindness

In no way can that happen of course. The superstition, however, was created to prevent the mothers from eating spicy foods, which could cause acidity and heartburn.

While she could already be facing gastronomical issues during pregnancy like bloating, acid reflux or constipation, this is one thing could be easily avoided. Now, it may seem right to create a myth like that for the betterment of mothers who love to devour spicy food.

7. The Size Of The Bump Could Determine The Sex Of The Baby

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If the baby hangs low in the abdomen, it is considered a baby boy while if the bump is higher and pointy, she is going

to have a baby girl.
Unfortunately, there is no basis for this myth. The way your bump looks is because of your skeletal structure, the location of muscles in your abdomen and your month of gestation. It is only during your ultrasound that you will know the sex of the baby before birth.

If you are unsure, ask people the reason behind their superstitions or what made them believe it. Let us know what is that one weird superstition related to pregnancy that you got to hear.