7 Labor Support Tips for Dads

There is no death of tips for women to help them cope with the labor pain. You may have read a lot of them. Well, enough of enlightening ladies. Now, it’s time to prepare dads for their partner’s labor. A pregnant woman can sail through the painful experience of labor with ease if she is provided with proper support and comfort. Her partner is the best person to ensure such a comfortable atmosphere. Wondering what you can do during labor? Worry not, we have got you covered.

Do Not Panic

The thumb rule for every dad: do not panic. If your face shows your fears, your partner is bound to get scared and lose her confidence. You are her pillar of strength. Your courage and brave attitude on that day will be reflected in your partner’s behavior too. When labor begins, you need not rush her to the hospital out of fear. Be with her, try to calm her. Encourage her to spend those times at home instead of going to the hospital. Walk with her and make food for her. You need to pamper her a lot during the early stages of labor as she gets ready for active labor.


Distract Her

Talk to other moms and you will soon realize that it is not an easy job to go through long hours of labor. You spend hours watching your partner in intense pain. However, your support could make it better for her. Try to distract her during those hours of pain. Help her with breathing techniques or bring her some food. Hold her hands and walk with her or talk to her. Choose music or card games. Plan something that can take her mind off the contractions.

Comfort Her

As you may have experienced, pregnancy is full of surprises. And it holds true for labor. You will be surprised to know what makes your partner relax during labor pain. Some women like a massage while others hate to be touched by anyone. Understand what your partner wants and behaves accordingly. Comfort her the way she prefers or likes.


Support Her Birth Plan

Every woman knows what she wants during labor. And her partner should be aware of that. Because he will have to take charge during labor. She may not be able to communicate with the doctor when she is in pain. So it’s your responsibility to tell the doctor or midwife what she wants or what she doesn’t want. However, if the situation calls for it, be ready to make hard decisions.

Help Her Push

Yes, pushing is a mom’s job. But, you can be her cheering man. Remind your exhausted partner that she is doing a great job and she is almost there. More than that of any strangers in the room your encouragement matters a lot to her.


Be Patient

It is difficult to predict how a woman in labor behaves. As she experiences pain, she may be irritated, frustrated, angry, or sad. However, you need to be patient. When you feel it is too much for you, step outside for some air. And of course, return as early as possible. Definitely, you don’t want to miss your baby’s arrival.

Take Care Of Your Health

Well, while you do the best to take care of your partner, remember that your health also matters. You need to be fit and fine to look after her and the newborn. When you get ready to the hospital, do not forget to pack things for yourself. You will have to walk with her for hours. So, wear your comfortable shoes on those days. As she recovers from delivery, you will have to lend your helping hand for everything. So, always be in good spirits.


Dads, attend prenatal classes to know what is happening during labor. You will be less terrified if you know the different phases of labor and childbirth. An informed dad will have fewer things to worry as he welcomes his bundle of joy. Enjoy your first meeting without any anxiety!