7 Diet Remedies To Prevent Wrinkles And Skin Aging

Is the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles worrying you? Stop worrying. The answer to this big question, “how to slow down down aging?” can be solved by our diet. It plays a pivotal role in making us healthy or unhealthy. This sounds like a cliché but I can’t abstain myself from saying so, “what goes inside shows outside”. If you eat well, your skin reflects that, even keeping away those wrinkles for a much later stage in life. In this article, I am going to discuss only about diets that you must eat daily to extend your youthful look.

7 Diet Remedies To Prevent Wrinkles And Skin Aging


On our list, tomatoes take the first spot and rightly so. It is full of an antioxidant, lycopene. Lycopene is known for its ability to nurture skin by enhancing pro-collagen levels in the skin and ensure that it remains taut and glowing for long.
Dietary recommendation– eat at least 1/2 a cup of cooked tomatoes. Human body can use it better, if consumed cooked.


Next on the list is berries. Though

all berries are good, but blueberries are extremely good as the amount of Vitamin C is highest in it as compared to other berries. The presence of antioxidant anthocyanins in high quantity is responsible for collagen health – neutralize enzymes affecting it and deal with free radicals.
Dietary Recommendation – A minimum of 1 cup daily is recommended. Pick wild ones as they have 26% more antioxidants than the cultivated ones.


Salmon and its aging benefits are known widely. But of late if you are giving it a miss. Think again especially after your 40s, when the risk of developing wrinkles develops manifolds. It is full of omega-3 acids. This kind of fatty acid provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun besides keeping it moisturized. Another antioxidant astaxanthin knows exactly how to slow down aging.  It fights the free radicals to hasten the aging process.
Dietary Recommendation – Eat salmon in moderation, two servings a week is sufficient. Too frequent or too high consumption can predispose you to a variety of toxins.

Brazil nuts


nuts are a wonder food when it comes to dealing with wrinkles. It contains selenium, Vitamin E in high concentration. People with weight gain woes should consult their doctor about the quantity of nuts to be consumed by them.
Dietary Recommendation – Two nuts a day is sufficient.


Soy is full of proteins and an excellent anti wrinkle food. Stuffed with amino acids such as proline, lycine and glycine along side anti wrinkle ingredient isoflavones. It enhances skin elasticity. Tofu, edamame and soy-milk aid in keeping skin collagen in place.
Dietary Recommendation – restrict its consumption to a few servings per week.


Cocoa has a deep connection with the aging process, especially wrinkles. A flavonoid known as epicatechin present in it is the reason for its anti-wrinkle benefits. Epicatechin boosts blood flow to the skin thus increasing oxygen and nutrient supply making skin glow.
Dietary Recommendation – one ounce a day is sufficient


One of the healthiest fruits on our planet is avocado. It is rich in Vitamin E and complex B vitamins besides Vitamin C making

it one of the few fruits that contains all three skin benefiting Vitamins. The fatty acid present in it ensures that your skin remains moisturized for a soft and smooth feel. Avocados have glutathione, an extremely wonderful ingredient for tacking wrinkles. There is also no fear of pesticides – the concentration is extremely low.
Dietary Recommendation – eat 1/4 cup of avocados two times in a week.

Now that you know how to slow down aging with these anti-wrinkle foods, don’t waste time in starting a combat against the biological aging process going inside your body. Start eating them today and have a beautiful, wrinkle free skin.