7 Common Clothing Mistakes To Be Avoided In Pregnancy

Maternity fashion is gaining attention around the globe. With female celebrities experimenting different styles and attires during their pregnancy, mothers have been inspired to try new dressing styles and adopting fashion trends. However, behind high-heeled footwear and skin-tight jeans, comfort gets compromised. When buying apparels, moms must avoid these 7 clothing mistakes.

1. Choosing The Same Cloth Size

If the size you wore before was Large, chances are you might need an XXL in the longer run. Pregnancy surely brings a striking change to your body and not just to your belly. Remember, your breast size will also increase over 9 months. If you are buying a casual top or a t-shirt, play safe and buy a larger size—otherwise, you might end up buying new clothes every two months.


2. Going For Low Waist Jeans

Low waist jeans aren’t really a great idea when you know your belly is going to bounce over its waistline. Even if you buy the stretchable and comfy ones, time will come when the buttons might need a string to make the ends meet—the zip would definitely refuse to behave. Buy something that accommodates your growing belly with time. Surely, you will have to buy some new ones—choose clothes that will stay for long.

3. Buying All The Maternity Dresses At Once

The biggest mistake moms make is buying all the maternity clothing at once, probably in the beginning od pregnancy. Admire your body because it is going to surprise you with its incredible ability to change and accommodate the growing baby.


Avoid buying in bulk, stretch your stock by choosing loose clothes that could be used for longer duration. You may even maternity clothes borrow from a family or friend who is no longer using them.

4. Wearing High Heels

Women and heels share some kind of intimacy—for some they are irresistible. However, when you are a carrying, heels could only pose a risk—of an unwelcome fall or terrible back pain. If pregnancy has given you swollen feet, and you still want to wear heels then God help you.


Shoes, sneakers flats, slippers, wedges—there are many options out there. You can always go back to wearing heels after delivery until then, stash them away for good.

5. Completely Ignoring The Bras And Underwear

Buying the inner wear is one of the most perplexing tasks when it comes to maternity shopping. Your breasts may seem to swell invariably—the bra size can vary up to 4 cup sizes and 2 back sizes. You may buy a pregnancy bra for the initial month or two—it might not support you through all the months. Purchasing a bigger size is a better idea. However, you would still have to buy nursing bras, later in the trimester. Find out more about buying maternity bras.


Your underwear would be taking too much—and they really can’t be ignored. There are two types you could choose from—the one with panty line falling under your belly and the huge panties that cling to your big belly called maternity underwear. No matter what you choose, comfort should be your first and only priority.

6. Being Bound To Leggings

Clinging to your legs, leggings and their cousin jeggings can cleverly outline the shape of your legs. You could choose to wear pajamas or feel easy with capris instead. Never compromise your comfort for keeping up with the fashion trends. If you like to wear leggings, pair up a long top, a pullover, a tunic, or a jacket with it. Longer tops will help cover your belly.


7. Not Giving Attention To Sleepwear

A pregnant mom’s sleep should be a comfortable one. Choose a fabric in which your skin can breathe. A cotton shirt paired with pajamas or a loose robe will offer you enough comfort. Remember, you might feel the need to pee at night when you are in half sleep—an easy night clothing must be stretchable, loose, and comfortable.

Here are some tips to extend your wardrobe functionality and help you with the choice of clothing through your pregnancy months. Enjoy your journey to motherhood comforted with the apparels that suit your body. Most of all, be yourself and choose what will work the best for you.