7 Amazing Things Motherhood Is And Isn’t About

7 Amazing Things Motherhood Is And Isn't About
7 Amazing Things Motherhood Is And Isn't About

What you must know is that motherhood isn’t about doing things right in the first go. Even if you go wrong, you shouldn’t beat yourself down.

Motherhood is probably the only phase that despite all the good ol’ granny tips and pieces of advice from your well-wishers, it still manages to surprise you each day with what it has in store. Not until you’re the mom of a beautiful little angel do you realize there’s a lot more to motherhood than you’ve already read about in umpteen numbers of mommy-to-be books and magazines.

It’s a lot more than your baby’s first steps, his first words and his cherubic laughter. As you brace yourself for the arrival of your little one in this world, you should know that even though being a mom may not be all rosy, it’s surely going to be worth it.

Here is a list of 7 things that motherhood is and isn’t about:

1. Motherhood Is About Learning, Not Perfection – Being a first time mother, you are bound to make mistakes. You will encounter instances when

you struggle to understand why your little one is crying and chances are that you’ll want to manage everything by yourself.

What you must know is that motherhood isn’t about doing things right in the first go. Even if you go wrong, you shouldn’t beat yourself down. What’s important is how well you take things in your stride and work towards getting better. It is also necessary that you ask for help when you need it and reach out to your partner or your mother to support you through the phase.

2. Motherhood Is Chaos, Not Order – No matter how well planned and well timed your life’s been all this while, when you become a mother, be ready to get onboard a roller coaster ride full of unforeseen twists, turns, ups and downs. Your life as a mother is going to be full of surprises and sometimes, even shocks.

Not everything is going to go as you’ve planned and it’s now that your patience will be put to test. Sure, there will be a lot of dirty laundry, repeated changing of nappies

and sleepless nights, but there will also be tears of joy, constant amusement and insurmountable happiness.

3. Motherhood Is Unique, Not Predictable – It’s amazing how despite the fact that there are countless numbers of moms across the globe, each of their motherhood experiences and decisions are one-of-a-kind. How soon your baby says “mamma” or “dada” isn’t going to be at the same time as your neighbor’s little one says it.

Similarly, how long you breastfeed your toddler shouldn’t be determined by what’s written in any parenting book. Your decisions should be based on what’s best for your baby, your family and yourself.

4. Motherhood Is Brave, Not Dampening – Mothers are the bravest of all beings and it goes far beyond their ability to endure childbirth. As a mother, you will see many bad days. There are times you will feel like a failure. There are even times you’ll feel like giving up, leaving everything and escaping to a peaceful retreat.

But, the moment you see your child’s beautiful face, your spirit and

strength will come back with a bang. You’re a fighter, who can withstand any obstacle life brings to you as long as you have your child by your side.

5. Motherhood Is About Caring, Not Always Being Cared For – As a mother, you put your heart and soul into giving everything to the relationship that you and your child share. It’s only then that you realize the real meaning of unconditional love and how much you are capable of giving, with almost no expectations of getting anything in return, except for your child’s happiness and good health.

6. Motherhood Is A Journey, Not An EndMotherhood is a long and bumpy journey that can get extremely exhausting. It is therefore important that you don’t lose yourself in pursuit of building a happy and healthy life for your baby.

Never ignore what you eat, keep a tab of the amount you sleep and don’t slack off on your workouts. As a mother, your life shouldn’t end at your baby. You should also

take time out for yourself, your personal growth and happiness.

7. Motherhood Is About Experiences, Not Achievements – Motherhood is more about cherishing little experiences than celebrating big victories. Your first ride back home from the hospital after delivery, your baby’s tiny hands clutching your pinkie for the first time, your first family vacation – it’s these little things that make lasting memories.

Of all the aforementioned things that motherhood is and isn’t, most importantly it is the best job in the world and there’s nothing that’s more rewarding. Being a mother makes you grow to the best of your abilities.