6 Ways To Know If You’re A Hypochondriac And Why They Fall Sick More Often

    Death is the biggest fear for it keeps human behavior in control. The fear of death makes a man stay away from crime, going too far with adventures, germs, and health issues. The knowledge of an inevitable death is quite complicated. It makes you fear from anything which could bring death closer to you.

    On the same note, are you one of those people who search online about headaches, who goes to see a doctor during a slightest fever or bout of flu? A weird itching on your thumb is a medical emergency for you? In technical terms, are you a hypochondriac? If yes, we have a news for you.

    A recent study shows that people who worry a lot over their health issues lead to distress. In terms of psychiatrists, it’s called “health anxiety”, which is affecting around 1 to 2 percent of people in America. People who are too worried about their health end up being sick way too often than the ‘normal’ population. This mania of keeping well leads to some serious health problems, according to a survey.

    6 Signs
    You’re A Hypochondriac

    Let’s help you analyze your situation

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    1. You Look Online For Every Symptom You Have


    This also a obsessive behavior. You will jump into a rabbit-hole if you see your symptoms match with symptoms of cancer or other serious illness while you might have just had a headache. This leads to a needless anxiety.

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    2. You Believe That Minor Ailments Are Serious Diseases


    Hypochondriacs are tuned in their body. It’s okay to feel drowsy or tired once in awhile. Even a body pain is okay. It could be nothing big or special.

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    3. You Worry About Falling Sick


    Everybody hates

    cold and flu, but going to extremes to avoid them will make you feel distressed. If you haven’t had a cold in a long time, you will catch it again. These are normal illnesses and are easily curable at home.

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    4. You Don’t Believe In Your Doctor


    Your doctor tells you that you’re completely fine, but you don’t believe him. Hypochondria includes persistent fear from falling sick.

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    5. Your Health Is All You Talk About


    You go out with your friends and all you talk about is your health. Also, ask about theirs. You keep looking out for remedies and keep yourself updated about every disease. You like to discuss about your body pains. It’s not always a very preferred topic most of the time.

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    Many Doctors To Double-check”]

    6. You Go To Many Doctors To Double-check


    You go and meet multiple doctors to ask their opinion about the same illness at the same time. You feel dissatisfied if all of them tell you that you’re fine. This will lead you to financial problems.
    Researchers have studies the health of around 7,052 participants in Norway, a long-term research which collected data for around 13 years. They analyzed the percent of participants who had suffered a heart-attack, or a person who rushed to the hospital over a sudden appearance of a pimple. They found that twice the amount of people belonged to the latter group.

    In the end, you need to calm down and stop stressing about simple health issues on a regular basis. A balanced diet and regular exercise are the options for you to stay fit, when you also work on your “health anxiety” to stay healthy.