6 Surprising Sex Drive Killers

Sex Drive Killers
6 Surprising Sex-Drive Killers

A healthy sex life can be enriching both mentally and physically. There are various reasons for what is termed sex-drive killers, some are natural and others are unavoidable. Others can be self-inflicted, physical or psychological, such as alcohol, drug abuse, hormone imbalances, stress, and anxiety.

Reasons for low libido is still considered taboo for a majority of men and discussing it is uncomfortable. However, just a little information can go a long way toward a solution, besides the modern medical community has uncovered varied treatments that can correct sexual dysfunctions. All men need to do is to seek out the help they deserve.


6 Surprising Sex Drive Killers

1. Stress

Recent statistics have shown that about 15% of males are suffering from diminished libido, mainly triggered by the stress in their lives. Testosterone is the hormone that is the key to the male libido drive. It naturally begins to lessen by the age of 30, then by 1% to 2% annually. Cortisol is also another male hormone released in the body when anxiety, fear, or stress is experienced. Cortisol further weakens testosterone levels, causing impotence and loss of libido.

Stress about sex can take many forms, including the fear of being rejected, not satisfying a partner, early ejaculation, or becoming embarrassed about the quality and strength of an erection. Don’t be disheartened, because all of these dysfunctions are treatable. 


2. Relationship Problems

A poor relationship issue should be resolved as soon as possible, especially if you want to have intercourse again. When there are relationship problems, then you have poor communication, infidelity issues, emotional shut down and other relationship problems. Maintaining sexual desire, trust, and stimulating attraction in a relationship is an ongoing process that takes effort for both men and women. When a couple’s sexual expression begins to wane and lack excitement, then there is work to do. Being intimate with each other not only feels good, but it is energizing. The real work is to stay connected emotionally and a physical relationship will follow.

Some guiding principles for a healthy relationship, can involve:

  • Become intimate in some form on a regular basis. The longer couples avoid sexual contact, the harder it is to communicate through relationship problems.
  • Don’t use the lack of sex as a way of punishing each other. Communicate and work out anger resentment outside of the bedroom.
  • Talk to each other about sexual guilt, secrets, and other issues that cause feelings of inadequacy because keeping secrets only causes a withdrawal and a deep rift in the relationship

3. Alcohol

If you always need a couple of drinks before you can get in the mood, then you have a drinking problem. Alcohol is considered by many men as an aphrodisiac, but all it really does is numb your libido and sex drive. Besides too much alcohol can easily make your partner turn away from.

Men who drink too much, can turn a temporary condition, like temporary erection problems, into full impotence. In addition to causing future sexual dysfunctions, an over indulgence of alcohol affects the central nervous system. It inhibits parts of the central nervous system that stimulates sexual arousal and orgasms. Alcohol also slows down respiration, overall circulation and sensitivity to the nerve endings, which also run down into the penis. Further, it dehydrates the body, at a time when the body needs a certain amount of blood to bring oxygen and arousal sensations to the genitals.


4. Too Little Sleep

Too little sleep will zap your energy and libido. Bad sleeping habits also lower testosterone levels which results in a lack of sex drive, weak semen levels, weak muscle mass, poor concentration, and less bone density. When you’re sleeping habits are shortened, your body is unable to replenish itself, through the process of releasing healthy hormones, chemicals, and more, which in turn affects your health and sex drive.

Researchers have discovered that too little sleep also has a negative impact on relationships. The lack of sleep can affect a man’s libido because he is not willing to focus on the emotional components that play into his partner’s sexual desires.


To help combat too little sleep, try tips such as:

  • Set the mood for a quiet environment, like making the room totally dark, because light affects the pineal gland’s production of the chemical serotonin and melatonin which helps you sleep.
  • Surround your environment with aromatherapy products like lavender, which creates a calming effect to promote a good night’s sleep.
  • Try to keep a sleeping schedule, by going to bed and rising up about the same time each day. This routine helps to balance out your inner clock.

 5. Obesity

Being overweight is a direct link to the lack of or poor sexual performance, as well as a lack of sexual desire. No, not every obese male is in poor health or becomes sexually inactive. But, men whose health is affected by putting on more pounds, can experience impaired blood flow to the genitals and problems with their keens and other joints that can make certain sexual positions very painful or uncomfortable.


Obesity causes medical problems like high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes impact sexual performance. These conditions cause the tiny arteries in the penile area to stop functioning due to fatty cholesterol deposits or plaque clog the penile vessels. If needed, seek help from a doctor, change your dietary habits, and add exercises to your daily regime. Also, there are sexual techniques that can be used for you and your partner that will enhance your sexual experiences.

6. Depression

Depression has a double whammy associated with it. It is not only an energy zapper, but if you are prescribed antidepressants, they do the same thing. When a man suffers from a chronic depressive illness, it affects his entire body, including his inability to want or to have sex. There are some people who can handle depression and can maintain normal sex lives, but there is a small percentage that requires medical and social help.


It is only normal that depression causes a feeling of hopelessness and tiredness which is associated with loss of libido and erection dysfunction. To cure depression, see a physician because there are many safe drugs and therapy techniques that can help. 


Stress, relationship problems, alcohol, too little sleep, obesity, and depression are shared among men and women for varied reasons. With modern innovations and medical knowledge, there are treatable solutions which you should seek before any sexual dysfunctions become permanent or your relationship suffers. Seek the help of a general practitioner, an urologist, or other specialty physician and begin your road to recovery, mentally and sexually.