6 Surprising Benefits Of Drinking Oolong Tea

In the never-ending battle of the teas, Oolong often misses out to the more popular green, matcha and white teas. However, new studies coming out have shown that Oolong is not to be underestimated. This dark, aromatic tea comes laden with health benefits that are great for you and your body. Be wary though if you are already sensitive to caffeine. Oolong has higher levels of caffeine than green tea, so if you can’t handle too much caffeine, then reduce your consumption of Oolong to just one cup a day. So brew a cup of Oolong and read more to find out why it’s so good for you.

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1. Regulates Blood Sugar


Patients living with type-2 diabetes often have higher levels of sugar in their bloodstream. They constantly need to monitor what they eat and ensure that their glucose levels don’t rise too quickly. If you’ve been diagnosed with this type of diabetes, it’s a great time to make the switch to Oolong. Oolong tea contains powerful antioxidants in the form of polyphenols, which help break down sugar. By ensuring that sugar is effectively metabolized, they ensure that there isn’t too much sugar in your blood.


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2. Prevents Osteoporosis



Perhaps you should choose Oolong tea over milk if you’re trying to keep your bones strong. Oolong contains magnesium and calcium, two compounds which are essential for maintaining a high bone density. It also lets you absorb minerals from your food which can help you build strong bones. If you’re vegan, or belong to the 75% of the population suffering from lactose intolerance, Oolong can be a great alternative source of calcium.

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3. Builds Up Your Resistance To Disease


Oolong contains important flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant properties. They stop free radicals in their tracks before they can inflict any damage upon your cells. In one study, subjects who drank Oolong tea had higher concentrations of antibacterial proteins than non-drinkers. Because the antioxidants in it had protected their immune system from damage, they were better equipped to fight disease.


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4. Keeps Your Teeth Healthy



Eating sugary foods can cause a sudden growth of bacteria, which produce acid and corrode parts of your teeth, resulting in what we recognize as cavities. No one likes a visit to the dentist, so it’s natural we do everything in our power to keep our teeth in good working condition. Drinking Oolong can be a great addition to your dental routine and it tastes a lot better than mouthwash. Compounds in the tea stop bacteria from multiplying and causing damage to your enamel. It can also prevent the buildup of plaque and keep your breath smelling fresh.

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5. Makes You More Attentive


A mid-afternoon slump can leave you feeling tired and unproductive. A freshly brewed cup of Oolong could be just what you need to get back up and slay it at work again. Oolong tea contains caffeine which is famous for its ability to make your mind alert. If you’re not a coffee person, this tea is a great way to ensure that you get a much-deserved caffeine boost. Don’t overdo it though as you might experience negative side effects from an overload of caffeine.

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6. Drink Your Way To Weight Loss


Wouldn’t it be great if we could just skip the gym entirely and reach our weight loss goals from the comfort of our kitchens? As amazing as this seems, there’s still no excuse for you to cut your gym membership. However, the good news is, studies have shown that weight loss boils down to 80% diet and just 20% exercise! As part of a balanced, healthy diet, you should include Oolong in your beverage rotation. If you drink Oolong tea as is, minus the sugar and artificial flavors, you could actually burn fat. Oolong tea has been shown to boost your metabolism for up to two hours after first drinking it. It also contains polyphenols which block fat from building up and therefore helps it metabolize faster.