6 Super Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day For Single Moms

Moms who are taking the role of both a mother and a father are an epitome of courage and strength. Motherhood asks for much of self-sacrifice in terms of time and attention. We may only be in awe of the abilities of a mother making the most out of a day for the kids. All moms deserve all the love and attention as well as some time for herself.

This mother’s day, we not only intend to celebrate the feeling of motherhood but also give single moms a thumbs-up for their high yet down to earth spirits. Here are 6 super things that you can do to make your friend, sister, aunt, relative or your mom feel special on their day.


1. Offer Her Time For A Little More Sleep

If you are a close friend or relative, give her some time for herself. Take the children out for a breakfast or a morning stride. Who doesn’t ask for some more hours of sleep! Get hold of the keys the previous day—sneak in and secretly take the kids out without waking up the lady of the house. Oh! And please do call her once you are out. She shouldn’t freak out, finding her kids missing.

If that doesn’t work out for you, offer to babysit for the kids. Encourage her to go out, spend some time at the local cafe or at the garden. Give her ideas to enjoy some me-time or meet other mommy friends for a change.


2. Invite The Family For Lunch Or Dinner

Make it classic—have a get-together and let the family have a good time over lunch or dinner. Your mom-friend would be too glad to know she doesn’t have to cook for the day. Playing different roles at the work and home is exhausting—why not give her a break from the routine.

Invite her over and cook her favorite dish—that would just make her day.


3. Let The Kids Surprise Their Mom

Since it is the occasion of mother’s day, a gift from the kids is a must. Before the special day, take the kids out, let them choose a Mother’s day card—let the kids write a message for their mommy. If they are too young—a toddler or a baby, get their hands prints on the card.

Even a small handcrafted piece like paper flowers that is made with love will bring a wide smile on their mother’s face.


4. The Perfect Gift

It doesn’t have to be gaudy or expensive. A piece of jewelry like a bracelet or a pendant would be a loving gesture towards your lady friend. If she is fond of cosmetics, get her one that she had been longing for.

If you think you can, buy her a coupon at a spa. As a single mom, it is back-breaking to devote time to finishing the daily chores along with taking care of the kids single-handedly. Even a reference to a yoga class would make her feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


5. Drive Her To Somewhere

Go for a drive, even a shorter one to the grocery store would do. Just this time, get behind the steering and allow the mom to enjoy the view around. As a single parent one could be too busy to spare a moment and take a look at the world around. Let her enjoy this time—being herself. Celebrate the day—have a small outing, take lots of pictures, and eat out at restaurants.

6. The Little Talk

We all need someone to confide in—a friend, a partner, or a sibling. Make her comfy, ask her what she wants to do for the day other than baby shopping and cleaning the house. Sit beside her and have a warm conversation, probably over a glass of wine in the evening.


It is difficult to fathom how being a single mom, one can strike a balance between the necessities of life and the responsibility of being a parent. As a third person, we can always appreciate a mom’s effort, her ability to multitask, her compassion, and her selfless love towards her kids.