6 Simple Reasons Why She Wants To End The Relationship

Love is blind. Love knows no bounds. Love can make you feel elated, happy, and hazy. The same love can also break your heart. We don’t need to mention here that a relationship needs a lot of efforts from both the sides. So when she starts getting angry at you for the smallest reasons, doesn’t talk to you, and signals about ending it, here’s what might have happened:

1. She Feels Lonely



What’s the whole point of being in a “relationship” if you’re feeling lonely? Every person needs to know that he or she matters, that they’re your first priority. So if your girl doesn’t feel loved or supported by you, she wouldn’t want to stay.

It’s deafening and devastating for anybody to be with someone who is not emotionally present when needed. When love and attention is not reciprocated, people are bound to move away from the relationship.

2. She Is Not Being Acknowledged


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She made your favorite dinner, wore a nice dress on a date, has lost a little weight, or is not keeping well, and you didn’t even notice. A woman has always, is, and will be moved by words. She puts efforts to keep you happy, or does things for you, and all you need to do is acknowledge it.

She needs to feel a connection with her man. A little chivalry always keeps the spark alive. Women adore simple acts of love and it makes them love you more. Cooking for her, getting her flowers, or sharing her load in the chores can keep her happy. You take her for granted, she will move on.

3. She Doesn’t Feel Sexy Anymore


Did you compliment her for the new dress she wore? Or were you just busy with your phone and your friends? Well, she might as well have come out in pajamas if you didn’t

even notice, forget complimenting her. A woman, although not always, dresses up for her man to please him and to hear that she looks amazing.

Okay, let’s give you another example. You don’t flirt with her anymore, no dirty talking, sex has become just another mundane thing, but you easily get turned on by watching a porn clip or other women in the bar or on TV. A woman gets hurt when she sees that her man doesn’t desire her anymore. He doesn’t do anything to make her feel special in or out of bed.

4. You’re Not There When She Needs You


Ask a woman, “What does she want out of you?” Well, she needs to hear from you that she looks sexy, that you can’t stop thinking about her, and that she’s the best thing that ever happened to you. Women have to go through a significant change in their life: look after kids, deal with her health issues, and deal

with your health issues too. If she doesn’t see her man standing shoulder-to-shoulder through all this, she will walk out.

A woman needs to know that the changes in her life are also part of yours. She needs to know that she’s not alone and that you’re there every moment.

5. She Doesn’t Like Someone Who’s Predictable


Men love falling into comfortable routines. The older they get, the less they participate in things. This is one of the reasons why they fall into midlife crisis. Women hate men who don’t like to do something new with them.

Women need little surprises in their life to remember and cherish. They need to know that they matter and that you still plan things around her likes and desires. What’s so difficult in surprising her with a bouquet of flowers when she gets home?

6. You’re Not Physically There



girl lets you do what you want and tolerates all your eccentricities. But you’re not around much physically with her, in happy or difficult times. She’s bound to fall out of love!

She doesn’t rely on you and can deal with her problems like every other person. But all she expects is a shoulder to rest her head on when in a relationship.

Still need an encyclopedia on what women want?