6 Reasons Why Space Is Important In Every Relationship

“I need some space” might sound like the death knell for a loving relationship, but is it really that bad? It is important for us to realize that any two people in a relationship are always individuals first. You might have wanted to stick to each other constantly during the first flush of your romance. But now your relationship has matured and a change of scene might be called for. Letting your partner have space could seem like encouraging a gulf to widen between the two of you, but it could actually make your relationship more meaningful. Here’s why giving ‘space’ in a relationship doesn’t really deserve the bad rep that it has developed.

1. It Helps You Both Evolve


Do you love camping but your partner couldn’t survive half a day without modern plumbing? Insisting on doing everything with your partner could mean missing out on doing things that you’re passionate about for the sake of compromise. Taking the time to do something for just yourself, will make you a much happier person and prevent any feelings of resentment from growing. If your partner also expresses a desire to do something without you, don’t begrudge them that. It isn’t necessary that the two of you have to do everything together. Pursuing your separate interests will only make your relationship a happier one.

2. You Can’t Fulfill Their Every Need


As much as you may want to, you can’t be everything your partner needs. Insisting that they should only turn to you always will only make them unhappy and you frustrated. Everyone has multiple needs and expecting one person to cater to all of them is unfair. If your partner wants to spend a few evenings with just their friends, don’t think of it as a personal insult. You’re probably the most important person to them, but you’re not the only person they need. Come to terms with that fact and you won’t feel insecure every time they choose to spend time with someone else.

3. It Builds Trust


Ask anyone what they think is most important in a relationship and they’re more likely to choose trust over love. Loosening the reins in your relationship will give both of you a chance to develop a strong foundation of trust. Feelings of jealousy could prompt you to suffocate your partner with your presence by not letting them meet anyone else alone. Giving them space sends out a strong signal that you trust them and are secure in your relationship. When you realize that your partner still loves you as much, you won’t feel the need to shadow their every move anymore.

4. It Helps You Reconnect With Your Friends


Your friends were there for you much before your partner was. To completely push them aside just for the sake of your relationship is disrespectful of your history with them. You might meet them every once in a while with your significant other accompanying you, but is that really what your friends want? If you feel you’ve been losing touch with old friends who were very important to you, it’s time to rebuild that bond again. Two people can’t exist in a vacuum forever. At some point, you’re going to wish you had your friends to talk to, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

5. You Will Cherish Your Time Together A Lot More


Spending every second in each other’s company could cause the two of you to take each other for granted. If you feel your relationship doesn’t have the same excitement it once did, making room for space could bring that feeling back again. By spending time away from each other, the two of you will begin to look forward to meeting again. You will start actively searching out new things for

6. It Will Give You Perspective


If you and your partner are going through a rough patch, giving them space might be the last thing you’d want to do. When you’re already so fearful of losing them, how does it make sense to encourage them to take some time off? In the midst of your relationship woes, the two of you could be losing a sense of perspective. You might constantly be bickering over who left the toilet seat up, but ignoring the real issue at hand. Spending time away from each other will help you regain sight of what’s really important. It could help you realize that your issues are not important enough to lose your relationship over.