6 Most Ignored Causes Of Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain
6 Most Ignored Causes of Back Pain

Many people complain about back pain on a daily basis. They bend and twist, attempting to get a temporary relief, and most of the times they blame other things that they cannot control. However, very often, they probably know the real cause and ignore it thinking they are unable or are unwilling to fix it.

The truth is that no one should have to live with back pain every day. Many of the causes of back pain can be easily reversed and. These simple fixes leave no excuse for people to complain about their back pain ever again, and can allow them to start living the life that they always wanted.


6 Most Ignored Causes Of Back Pain

Staying Still

Many people think that when they experience a back pain, they should stay in bed and let it heal. This may be true for some extreme cases of back pain from a physical trauma, but normal every day back pain might be better treated with some movements. Those who are suffering from back pain should engage in some light activity, like flexing or stretching to make their muscles relax and keep the mobility in their spine.

Chronic Issues

There are a lot of people who have chronic back issues that they simply live with on a daily basis. The causes of this type of pain can vary, but many people suffer from things like herniated disks and spinal stenosis. Those who have chronic back pain should find out what spinal stenosis treatment is first and learn some methods for preventing the issue from returning. This simple fix can help even those who have been suffering from severe back pain for years finally live a pain free life.


Fashion Accessories

Many women wear high heels on their feet and heavy bags on their shoulders daily. This may seem like a necessity to many women, but these fashion choices could be causing them back pain and other health issues. Every woman’s heels should be under 2 inches if she spends much of the day standing or walking and her handbag should be under 10 pounds at all times to prevent back issues from happening.


Most people, these days, spend their time in office sitting at the desk for 8 hours or more, and then sitting in a car to get home to sit on a couch eventually. All of this sitting can cause back pain and soreness that might seem unbearable to some. Not everyone can have a job that allows them not to sit at a desk all day, thus, those who do work at desks should try to get up at least once an hour to move around and stretch. This simple little break can help anyone reduce the amount of back pain they experience every day.


Weak Muscles

The core muscles, more specifically the abdominal muscles and back muscles that encase the spine, are essential for supporting the spine. If these muscles are weak, a person can experience a lot of back pain and soreness on a regular basis. Everyone should incorporate some core exercises into their regular fitness routine to see an improvement in their daily back pain.


It is a well-known fact that stress can adversely impact the health of an individual in numerous ways. It may seem silly to some, however, stress can actually cause people physical pain, as well, if left untreated. Many people hold tension in their back, so those who are very tensed or stressed out will often experience some form of back pain. Everyone should have some way to relieve stress every day, whether that is a 10 minute walk or an hour of meditation, each person will have something that will help them relieve stress and live better each and every day.