6 Fat Shedding Secrets Of Japanese Black Soybean Tea And 4 Simple Steps To Make It

The number of overweight and obese people in the world is steadily rising to a really scary level. And why wouldn’t it when we are packed with busy schedules and long working hours, with only enough time to gorge on processed fast foods, no conscious time to fix our diet, and do some exercise to burn that fat or stress bust. The areas of our body that fat loves to be home in are also where we hate seeing it too. Yes, its that belly fat and arm flab.

What if a quick and simple solution to losing that weight is an exotic Japanese ingredient away?


An integral part of the Japanese diet is kuromamme ocha or black soybean tea, said to be a warm soothing cup away from melting the fat in those flabby arms and belly. Black soybean, is also famously called, the “Crown Prince of Beans”, so let’s find out the 6 health benefits of this royal black bean.

1. Flushes That Fat



With the antioxidant, anthocyanin, it helps fight and protect your body against diseases and is believed to help prevent your body from developing cancer too. The Journal of Medicinal Food, explains how rare the properties of anthocyanins are, because they actually absorb fat in the body like a sponge and which then gets released as waste.

2. Hacks off That Hunger



As an amazing source of fiber, when cooked, even drinking black soybean helps your body get the fiber it needs. Being a lot of fiber to process, your tummy is kept busy trying to process the tea and therefore makes you eat lesser. As the ultimate appetite controller, it even helps you feel full even after eating less food, as it contains healthy fats and is low in carbs.

3. Simmers Down Your Sugar Intake



Tasting mildly sweet, black soybean tea also help keep you sugar tooth people in check, as it also has a potent chemical which controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels, to maintain a lean and fit figure.

4. Measures Up That Metabolism



The tea contains a high level of isoflavones, said to help boost the body’s metabolism, so your body fat gets converted to energy and the fat is then burned at a quicker rate.

5. Anti-Aging Advantages



It may be hard to believe, but besides giving you a lovely physique, it also clears up your skin thanks to its chemical compounds of polyphenols, which are like internally working youth serums that keep the body’s natural aging effects at bay to give you a young and radiant glow.

6. Easy To Find



Black beans are native to China and are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), so thanks to its popularity, it can be found in most Asian markets and even online grocery stores.

How To Make It:

Making black soybean tea is pretty simple and will take only 5 minutes of your busy day to brew.

1st- Roast a handful of the black soybeans in a hot pan, do not add anything on them when roasting.

2nd-When the skin starts to crack and split a little, take them out of the pan and keep some water to boil on the side.

3rd -When the water comes to a boil, add the roasted black soybeans to the water and let it sit for around 3 to 5 minutes.

4th- This tea can be drunk hot or even cold, and there is no specific amount of water that is needed, as long as it suits your taste. The tea will have this light, transparent color amber-brown hue to it.

This tea can be drunk first thing in the morning, last thing before you sleep, and around half an hour after each meal in a day.