5 Yoga Poses for better sleep by Brett Larkin

5 Yoga Poses for better sleep by Brett Larkin
5 Yoga Poses for better sleep by Brett Larkin

Are you having trouble in sleeping? Are you suffering from a sleep disorder called insomnia? There are some yoga pose, ears which are very helpful in getting a better sleep. This practice significantly improves sleep efficiency, sleep onset, work time and sleep time. Given below are some yoga poses for those who are suffering from  a sleep disorder named insomnia-

1.       Legs up against the wall-


It is a yoga pose meant for full body detox and relax. Sit against the wall and lay down on the floor and  extend your right leg and lift the left leg up by supporting a wall. Allow your arms by your sides and palms upside down. Close your eyes and simply breathe, by doing this, your mind begins to budge towards the present moment indeed helping your joints, mind and muscle to relax as well as prepare for deep snooze.

2.       Thread the needle-

Lie down on your back; with head flat on the floor, bend your knees as well as position your feet soles on the floor.  Bring your right knee to your chest. By keeping your hips even you need to position your right ankle below your left knee. Your right knee will be facing right. Now flex your right foot in order to keep your muscles engaged. You must protect your knee from strain. Now lift your left foot off to the floor and bring your left knee toward your chest. Use your hands on either side in order to support your left thigh. You must feel a stretch on outside of your right hip. As you breathe you must try to bring you both the hips parallel to each other. Repeat the same on the other side as well.

3.       Child’s pose-

Comfortably sit up on heels, roll forward your torso and bring your forehead in front to rest. Lower or bring your chest close to the knees as comfortably as possible and extent both the arms in front. Breathe deeply in order to create calming sensation. Always try to widen your spine as long as you can with every exhale. With this yoga pose you will be blocked out distractions.

4.       Reclined twist-

Lie down on your back; bring your knees towards your chest. Stretch your left arm sideways at your shoulder height and your palm facing-up. Keep your knees high and slowly bring your knees out to your right till they reach floor. Now place your right hand on your right knees top. You may also use your right hand for your hip and outer-left leg massage. During this yoga pose, look straight up to the ceiling or to the left slightly. After a few minutes, repeat the same on the other side.

5.       Savasana-

Lie down on your back; stretch your arms and legs wide. Breathe deeply and relax your body. Keeping focus on breathing is a key to enjoying this yoga pose. Your main focus should be on inhaling and exhaling of breathe deeply.

Hence these are some highly recommended yoga poses for better sleep.