5 Ways To Discover Your Child’s Innate Talent Early.

5 Ways To Discover Your Child’s Innate Talent Early.


Parenting is perhaps the most challenging aspect of human life. The entire process from the gestation till birth is filled with many wondrous moments for the expectant couple. It is followed by the herculean task to give the child the right upbringing. In this competition driven world, it has become the responsibility of the parents to help their children find their ground.

It is imperative for them to discover the innate talents in their children and help them develop it from an early age. The nurturing at an early stage makes a remarkable impact in the growth of the individual.


Tips to help your child to discover his/her inner potential and leanings :

1. Outdoor Activities/Games:

Letting the child explore his leanings by encouraging outdoor sports. It could begin by a child’s basket ball equipment in the child’s room or a mini pool in the backyard – to test their athletic abilities. The early inclinations to sports often warrant their future interests.

2. Board games:

Engaging the child in games like Scrabble, Pictionary helps them realize if they are people of words or images. It aids in discovering if their natural tendencies is to address the crowd and be in a profession of words. Avenues like writing clubs and literary societies would be their area of calling. Perhaps, he/she would be their age’s Dickens or Bronte.

3. Drama:

Early exposure to the stage can help the child to become an artist and play a multitude of roles. As a child, he/she could be asked to play characters from their favorite stories. The enactment of their heroes’ acts of bravery can help them realize their true inner strength that works out for them in the future. You never can be too certain if your child isn’t the new age Shakespeare or Bernard Shaw.

4. Colour and Paper:

Though Leonardo Da Vinci had existed hundreds of years ago, one can never be too sure if your child isn’t next budding artist of the century. To assess this ability, provide him with paper and colour to see him roll.  You could help him start his painting passion by introducing him to colouring pages and see how his interest develops.

5. Food Fiesta

Healthy eating habits are not the only things that need to be inculcated in children but they should be able to identify and experiment with their food habits. Allowing them to play with their taste buds and helping them cook or prepare their foods under your watchful eye, may bring out the Gustav in them. (Ratatouille movie)


These are some of the simple ways of understanding your child’s basic abilities. The discovery of their innate talents can help you as parents to determine what measures can be taken to help them achieve their potential.

After all, isn’t not a bright future is that we all envision for our little ones? To see them glowing yet grounded in their success.