5 Ways To Clear Your Mind With Dance

When people think of dance, they usually think of professional dancers who have honed their skills over several years in a bid to perfect their art. However, dance is not just for people who pursue it as a profession. It does not matter how good or bad you are, the act of moving your body to the rhythm brings a certain sense of awareness and abandon.

The saying ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ is popular because people often do you let go of set patterns and behaviors. Most people are always conscious of what others think about them and are careful not to cross any lines. When you dance from your heart, you do not worry about what’s right or wrong; you just dance because it feels great regardless of how you look. This is why dancing is the perfect activity to unplug yourself from the world and be in a space that’s entirely your own. Here are 5 ways you can dance your woes away.


1. Increase Your Awareness

1-increase-your-awareness The first thing to do before you begin dancing is wearing comfortable footwear or better yet, just be barefoot. Wearing footwear all day tends to disconnect you from the ground, so take the time to feel the floor with your feet. Center yourself and feel all the tension and stiffness you’re carrying with you. Before you start, let go of all your worries and just tune yourself to the rhythm.

2. Dance For Yourself



If you’re conscious, dim the lights or switch to mood lighting to create an atmosphere of calm around you. Dancing for yourself is a private affair where there is no one to judge you, not even yourself. When you’re dancing, it’s not about getting the steps right or being in the rhythm of the music. It’s about losing yourself completely so that your mind is free from expectations and judgment. Close your eyes if it helps you.

3. Channel Your Mental Energies



For people who find it difficult to sit still and meditate, dancing can be a great alternative. You can turn your dancing session into a journey of self-discovery. Whether you want to change your frame of mind, reduce negative emotions, or just feel good about yourself, start dancing with an intention. Keep your goal in mind as your move with the flow of music across the room. By the time you’re done, you’ll find that your mind is refreshed and can focus much better.

4. Choose Good Music



Dance without music is like pizza without cheese. Everyone has their favorites when it comes to music but if you want to dance to help clear your mind, choose something that’s more about the music and rhythm rather than the lyrics. Instrumental music works best if you’re up for it. But make sure the music is upbeat and has a feel-good factor. You can also use an app to loop the song so that it does not end abruptly.

5. Let Go When You Dance



When you’re dancing for yourself, close your eyes and feel the music. Do not force yourself to trace steps or be conscious about how you’re going to look when your dance. Ideally, think about nothing else and just let your body flow naturally with the music. Do any step that you feel like doing at the time. The goal is to be in the moment and do whatever you feel like in that moment. Let go of anything that’s bothering you because when you dance, nothing else really matters.

Dancing by yourself might feel difficult or even silly when you start, but as you get into the habit of dancing, you will slowly begin to let go of things that keep your mind occupied otherwise. Once your mind is clear, you have more balance and are in a better position to make the right decisions.