5 Signs From Your Inner Self You Should Never Ignore

Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. Regardless of how planned and organized you try to be, things can go berserk at any moment. However, there is one voice you can always count on during the toughest of times: the voice of your inner self.

If you look into your past, you will find that you usually got into trouble only because you refused to listen to your inner self. You may not consider yourself very knowledgeable or well-read, but when you’re at a crossroads or in a difficult situation, your inner self can be the voice of reason you’re looking for. These 5 signs should tell you if you’ve been ignoring that voice.


1. Are You Treating Yourself Right?


As life becomes increasingly chaotic with information being bombarded at you from every screen possible, there is this pressure to keep up your lifestyle with that of your friends. And many times, it means doing things that you don’t like or support. One of the biggest signs of this is when you start feeling lost even when you’re among friends. It means your inner self is telling you that you’re doing things that don’t interest or enrich you in any way. So take a good hard look at your life and check if you’re taking time out to do the things you really love.


2. Are You Confident About Yourself?


With new technology and innovations entering every field, life can feel like it’s a race to the finish line. When you’re competing with your peers and you see people around you doing well for themselves, you can feel low and your self-worth might hit rock bottom at times. But no matter how average you think you are, your inner self will always tell you that you’re unique in your own way and there’s something special about you that maybe even you don’t know. So listen to your inner voice and stay true to who you are, to bring out your innate talents with confidence. Show the world what you’re capable of.


3. Are You Spending Time With Yourself?


Sure, you have a busy life and big plans. But how much time do you spend to get to know yourself? People across the world are realizing the power of meditation because when you meditate, you have no choice but to confront yourself. There is no running away. Your inner self is constantly trying to get itself heard but the voice gets drowned in the noise of everyday life. If you find that your life is going nowhere, it’s time to listen to what your inner self has to say. You will realize that most of the expectations you have from life are not really yours. Spending time with yourself can help you understand what it is you truly want.


4. Are You Making Too Many Compromises?


Setting goals is a great way to achieve the things you want in life. However, when you set goals for yourself, you can’t really anticipate all the roadblocks that come your way. How often do you persist? Or are you prone to making compromises? Whether it’s going to the gym regularly to get toned or tackling a difficult assignment at work, there may be times that you want to give up, but your inner self knows that you deserve better. When you find yourself in a state of defeat or disinterest, your inner self will always be there to give you the pep talk that you need.


5. Are You Doing The Right Thing?


Whether it’s your family, friends, or relationships, sometimes it becomes difficult to separate the right from the wrong or to decide between what you want and what’s expected of you. While there will be many people around you to counsel and advise you, it’s your inner self who can be your best guide. You can call it gut feeling or instinct, but when you’re in tune with your inner self, you’ll never be disappointed. The next time you’re confused about something, take some “me time” to have a conversation with yourself. You will come out of it with a clearer mind and most likely know exactly what you need to do.


Your inner self knows you better than any other person in your life. If your life is not going the way you want, look for the five signs mentioned above and then listen to what your inner self has to say. Once you get into the habit of listening to your inner voice, you will slowly be assured that your innate knowledge is your best guide.