5 Ultrasound During Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Ultrasounds have revolutionized the healthcare sector, including pregnancy. It has given doctors the ability to detect birth defects months before the baby is born, which means that there is an improved outcome for both mother and child. Inspite of the benefits, there are mothers-to-be who are prey to some ultrasound myths, are you one of them?


Frequent Ultrasounds Are More Harmful For The Baby

You definitely can’t wait to get a peep of your baby and ultrasounds provides you with just that. How cute it would be to get a week by week update and see it move on the screen. But then there are some, who are just scared that ultrasounds would harm the baby.

What needs to be understood is the fact that the baby does not suffer from any issues because of ultrasounds. However, sadly, as much fun as it sounds, it doesn’t mean to get a weekly update, because your healthcare provider should prescribe ultrasounds only when deemed necessary.

Would Mean Giving My Baby Radiation##

Ultrasounds does not contain any form of radiation. Period. It uses high-frequency sound waves, hence the name. The sound waves bounces of the body’s organs and the images are produced. On the other hand, X-rays are not used on pregnant women because it uses radiation. The cold gel is something that aids in transmitting the images, there is nothing more to it.

Ultrasounds Are Invasive In Nature

Ultrasounds can be done outside of the body if needed be. Known as the transabdominal ultrasound, the doctors would use a gel in the abdomen area and use a probe to produce the images. It is completely non-invasive in nature.
There is however, also the transvaginal ultrasound. This requires the probe to enter the body. The probe is covered in gel and inserted into the vagina to produce the images. This is used to examine the pelvic area, fetal heartbeat and/or to get a better view of the uterine wall lining.

Before freaking about transvaginal ultrasounds, understand that your doctor would explain you the process and the kind of ultrasound

you would require.

3D Ultrasounds Are Better Than 2D

There is no proof that 3D ultrasound is better than 2D ultrasound even if 3D imaging gives more details and in depth images of the fetus. However, remember that for some purposes 2D is better than 3D especially in showing the amniotic fluid and some birth defects.

In 3D ultrasound, several of these images are pieced together to create the image and it works very well for catching physical defects in the fetus, including cleft lips, problems in the spinal cord and misshapen limbs.

Ultrasound And Sonogram Are The Same Thing

Pregnant women often sonogram and ultrasound interchangeably. They are not the same thing, for an ultrasound is a medical diagnostic test that produces the image, and sonogram is the image that you actually see.

Once the doctor is done, you will get the sonogram pictures. These would be shared with you to show you the development of the baby. This does not undermine sonogram, for it is as important and adorable, for now you can share pictures of your fetus with everyone you love.


are in love with your baby, and what could bring you more happiness than being able to see the pictures of your love. Ultrasounds gives you just that and something to hold on to when your baby is all grown up!

Did you get the jitters when you went for your first ultrasound? Did you have tears in your eyes when you heard its heartbeat or saw it for the first time? Let us know what scared you the most and what you loved about ultrasounds.