5 Top Tips to Help you get through the Festive Season without piling on the pounds

5 Top Tips to Help you get through the Festive Season without piling on the pounds
5 Top Tips to Help you get through the Festive Season without piling on the pounds

The festive season is upon us, and the holidays are almost here. Decorations are (probably) up, the weather is most definitely colder, and the food and drink is plentiful.

Everywhere you go you will be tempted by sweets, cakes and mince pies, not too mention the mulled wine and fizz! Your colleagues bring them into the office, parties seem to have an endless supply, and somehow it all ends up at home too. The holidays are not only a time to spread cheer but also a time to test your willpower. Which is why I have put together some tips to help you get through this time of year without adding the dreaded holiday weight. Start the New Year looking fabulous with these 5 tips.

1) Where fitted Clothing

Wear a belt, trousers with a waistband or something form fitting. This little trick will prevent you from overeating as it makes you aware of the size you were going into the meal. It will make you aware that your tummy is expanding when you’ve had too much – after all, you won’t want to look like a stuffed sausage!

2) Be picky

At the centre of any good party you will always find Food. Somehow no matter how large the home, people always gather in the kitchen. Whatever your guilty pleasure, there always seems to be enough to feed a small army. To avoid overeating I suggest asking yourself if you really want it. If you find the answer is yes, then give yourself permission to fill up a small salad plate with what looks good and take your time. This doesn’t mean go wild and fill up the entire plate with artichoke dip and eight pieces of bread. Rather, stick to the normal serving size so you don’t overdo it on fat, calories, and carbs. After all, appetizers are offered prior to the main meal.

Serving sizes- 1 tbsp of dip (golf ball), 1 oz of cheese (about 4 stacked dice), 1 oz nuts (small handful, or post it size), 3 oz meat (about size of your fist or deck of cards), and 1 slice of bread.

3) Go green

The ideal plate should be 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean protein, and 1/4 complex carbs. This strategy will prevent you from over doing it with the “trigger” foods which open the flood gates! Trigger foods can be different for everybody. Regardless, they make you crave more, overeat, and lose control. Some examples include: mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread and butter, cranberry sauce and desserts.

4) Limit liquid calories

Yes it’s fun to drink during family get-togethers, in fact sometimes it’s essential, however, just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it won’t affect your waistline. Some holiday favourites can have up to 400 calories! Don’t break the bank with sugary drinks, instead, opt for clear spirits, clear mixers, and wine. Drink in moderation and always pair it with food. Alcohol postpones fat loss while your body is processing it and causes insulin to spike, which promotes hunger cravings. Food will prevent the blood sugar highs and lows.

 5) Indulge with out the bulge

Of course, dessert is part of the holiday fun but instead of overindulging I like to offer the three bite rule as an option for those who have a sweet tooth or if there is something that you just can’t say no too. You can try the dessert offered but you don’t have to eat the whole thing, rather, just have three bites and push it away. If you can’t push it away, then do the unthinkable and sabotage the flavour, share with a friend, or simply throw it away (quickly)! I suggest having some tea with dessert to aid digestion. Some of my favorites include: mint, ginger, chamomile, smooth move, and lemon balm tea.