5 Tips To End “All Or Nothing”

5 Tips To End All Or Nothing
5 Tips To End All Or Nothing

You: Well, I ate that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Negative little voice (NLV):  You’ve messed up your diet. Everything’s ruined now. There’s no turning back.


You: I might as well eat the whole bag then.

NLV:  You’ll never reach your goals anyway, so why don’t you just eat junk for the rest of the day?


You: I will start eating healthy again tomorrow.

5 Tips To End All Or Nothing
5 Tips To End All Or Nothing

True or False?

When you have a piece of candy or a few spoonfuls of ice cream, you’ve ruined your chances of ever reaching your goals, so you might as well eat the entire pint of ice cream and the whole bag of candy.



Eating something you don’t usually eat, or something that won’t make you healthier, does not mean that anything is ruined or that all hope is lost. In fact, in the long run, one or two or even three Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups won’t have a big impact on how quickly it takes you to reach your goals.


But eating an entire bag will definitely impact the time it takes to get to where you want to be. Not just because of the sugar, but because of your approach to eating the bag of Reese’s.

All or Nothing

The “All or Nothing” mentality pops up on two occasions.


One: when you’ve been “good” – eating foods that will make you healthier.

Two: when you decide to eat something “bad”—a food that you know will not make you healthier.


When you eat that “bad” food, your brain (that negative little voice) tells you that YOU are bad. That you’ve ruined your “good” streak and you might as well eat ALL the candy.

That negative voice is wrong.


The truth? Eating that “bad” food isn’t bad. When you have a bout of unusual eating, the next second is your opportunity to get back to your usual healthy eating habits.

Nothing is ruined.

Unless you give that Reese’s the power to ruin your day. And why would you want to give power to a piece of candy?

Take the power back. Don’t let a candy ruin your day or set you back mentally.

Your journey towards your health goal is much more important than a candy.

Take the power back.

The power to choose to get back to your healthy eating immediately.

Your Journey Toward Your Goals Is Not ‘All or Nothing’.

Your journey toward your health goals is all about balance. Here are some tips to take back the power and squash your ‘All or Nothing’ mentality:

1. Acknowledge that negative voice telling you that everything is ruined.

What pushes you to eat the entire bag of candy? It’s that negative little voice in your head telling you that you’ll never be able to reach your goals. It is telling you that you are not worthy of reaching your goals and that you’re bound to screw this up.  Acknowledge that this voice exists and that she’s in direct opposition to what you really want for yourself.

2. Listen to that negative voice.

Listening to that voice and really hearing what she has to say, takes some of her power away. The negative voice acts out because she’s ignored—no one wants to admit that they have a negative voice in their head sabotaging them. For many people, negative voices equal weakness—no one wants to be weak. Listen to what the negative voice is saying and why she wants you to fail.

3. Choose to take the next second as an opportunity to get back to healthy eating.

After acknowledging and listening to your negative voice, politely and lovingly tell her that you’ve chosen to get back to your usual healthy eating routine; that you WILL reach your goals.

4. If that choice is hard, find out what your body really needs.

The choice to move on from the candy might be hard. That’s okay. But if the choice to get back to healthy eating is hard, it means that you have a need that isn’t being met.  Ask yourself (the negative voice) what you need—and see if there’s a non-food way to satisfy that need.  Maybe it’s not the candy that you need, but comfort, or a friend. Once you have an idea of what you need, find a non-food activity that will satisfy that need.

5. Remind yourself that nothing is ruined, and that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow.

Breaking your ‘All or Nothing’ mentality can be a long, difficult process. As a holistic nutrition counselor, I support women like you to tune into their inner body cues and their negative voices so that they can ultimately heal themselves and their relationship with food.