5 Reasons Women Should Do Yoga To Bust Stress, Be Happy, And Feel Divine

No matter what you believe, we all are our own goddesses, and our bodies are truly our temples or sacred shrines. So shouldn’t we take care of it like one?

With the everyday chores, work, duties, and worries we have, including taking care of others, we often forget to love ourselves and hence, take ourselves for granted.

Besides the cliché advice of eating and drinking right, exercising, and getting an adequate amount of sleep; how about rolling out a mat, slipping into a pair of sexy and comfy pants, and just enjoying your own company by practicing some yoga, to get a well-deserved de-stressing session?

Yoga is more than just a few ‘poses’, which also called ‘asanas’. For example, did you know that Yoga in Sanskrit, means, “To Yoke”? In a sense, this is to ‘yoke’ or allow your physical self and divine inner-self to unite and be at peace with each other.

But in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget this and cater only to the superficial parts of ourselves.

So here are 5 reasons us ladies, need to do yoga to help honor, sculpt, and bring out our inner Goddess.

1. For Confidence To Be Your Confidant


Remember the carefree little girls we used to be, who slowly get tucked away into the dark corners of adult-hood? Well, try doing the Adho Mukha Svanasana also popularly called the Downward Dog Pose, which helps that happy little girl come back with a new spirit. This asana also stretches and works your upper arms, thigh muscles, shoulders and feet. By practicing this asana, it induces confidence and empowers not just your mind, but your body’s core strength too.

2. Beauty Of Your Divinity


The asanas of yoga, like pranayama (breathing yoga), help us learn something about ourselves, find our inner-talents, and be more self-aware. It balances our feminine and masculine energies and sees the beauty in the parts of us, that are usually draped by ego, shame, or embarrassment. It helps us embrace those flaws or imperfections and love them instead. It’s is one of the true-and-tried ways to find your inner-strength, peace, and principles, the divine qualities that prep your mind and physique for any day.

3. Opens Your Mind To See Beyond Judgments Or Labels


In our everyday lives, no matter what culture or society we live in, there are probably more labels out there to judge people than the population of people themselves. And of course, we are also burdened by those labels without even realizing it. They could be sister, feminist, your religion, stupid, introvert, narcissist, fat, skinny, weak, b*tchy, and more. But when taking some time off and letting go of all of those ‘names’, we get to be in our own space for 10 to even 90 minutes, to a deeper part of ourselves that is pure. And as they say in Game Of Thrones, become ‘A girl has no name’. Simply doing some meditation and quieting your mind, opens your third eye and allows us to tap into our potential beyond those titles that have been tagged onto us with or without our permission.

4. You Will Have That Godly Glow Or Radiance


Practicing yoga doesn’t just clean up that inner mess which keeps you from staying calm and collected, but also cleanses your aura or energy emitted to those around you. It will be shown in your smile, words, actions, and even how people respond to you or treat you. Ever seen those yoga instructors and gone ‘wow’ or thought ‘there’s something about them…’, well that becomes your quality too, including a sense of inner-balance and feeling strong enough to conquer each day or withstand anything life throws at you.

5. Humming With Happiness


Ever heard a really depressed or sad person hum a tune when walking down the street? If you did, then well, check on them. But, normally, most people hum a tune or sing to themselves when they are happy, whether it is while cooking or cleaning or taking a stroll. Doing yoga makes you happy, and the music they usually play during those group yoga sessions, are also ones heavy with positive vibrations that resonate into your mind, make your yoga sessions more powerful, and are said to boost you even at a cellular level, whether you realize it or not.

There you have it! Even if you may not see Aphrodite doing yoga, the beauty she enamors her worshipers with, are ones that come from inner-bliss, joy, and love. So, start or keep practicing yoga, have faith in yourself, and be one with that Goddess residing in you.