5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman hungry: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

Pregnancy hunger: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

You have to take many precautions when you are pregnant. You should consume nutritious food and should avoid those that can be harmful for your little one. You do have to eat more when you are pregnant, but eating too much can result in diseases and excess weight gain, which will be difficult to shed once your baby is out. Eating well and following a proper diet will ensure that you deliver a healthy baby. Many times you just can’t stop feeling hungry even if you just ate recently. Such hunger is completely normal during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters. Here are a few reasons why you are hungry all the time when pregnant.

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1. Your Growing Baby Needs Fuel

Baby in womb: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

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Your daily caloric requirement automatically increases when you are pregnant because you have to provide fuel to your baby growing inside your womb. During the first trimester, you will not feel like eating much as your baby is small, and you will be quite nauseous most of the time. When you enter your second trimester, it is a completely different story. Your are not as nauseas, and your little one grows at an extremely fast rate. Your blood circulation increases and so does your metabolism, resulting in frequent hunger.

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2. Your Hormones Make You Hungry

Pregnant woman hungry: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

Your hormones play a major role in controlling your hunger. During pregnancy, your body produces higher levels of progesterone, which affect two hormones – leptin and ghrelin – which govern your hunger. Leptin suppresses hunger, whereas ghrelin stimulates hunger. Ghrelin level increases during

the first half of pregnancy and drops during the second. Your body does not respond well to leptin signals during pregnancy due to which you don’t feel full.

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3. You Can’t Control Your Cravings

Pregnancy cravings: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will crave different types of food and sometimes in weird combinations. There is no scientific reason why you get these cravings, but some believe that you crave nutrients that you may be deficient in. Many of these cravings are uncontrollable, and you rarely feel satisfied even after eating quite a bit of the food you desire.

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4. You Are Eating Empty Calories

Empty calories: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

You may be eating empty calories to satisfy your cravings. Even when

you consume a large quantity of sugary or fatty foods, you will feel full only for a short time. Such foods lack fiber, the component of food that makes and keeps you full. If you want to control your hunger, swap these unhealthy foods with nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods. They will be beneficial for you and your baby.

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5. You Are Not Eating Enough

Pregnant woman not eating: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry During Pregnancy

Not eating enough can also be a reason for your constant hunger. Since gaining too much weight is bad during pregnancy, you may be cutting out necessary calories from your diet. You can break your meals into portions and eat them at certain intervals, instead of gulping down everything in one sitting if you are too worried about gaining excess weight. You should know that what you eat determines the health of your little one. Keep yourself hydrated as your

body can confuse thirst with hunger.

It is advisable to consult a nutritionist if you are excessively hungry most of the time. A change in your diet may help you overcome this problem. Proper nutrition is crucial if you want your little one to develop properly. Get a weight chart and monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you are too underweight or overweight during the different stages of pregnancy.