5 Quick Ways To Cope With Heavy Sweating During Pregnancy

Sweating is a natural functioning through which our body regulates its temperature, depending upon the surrounding conditions. A warm weather can trigger the body to sweat more. Even while exercising, when the body heats up, we perspire to bring down the temperature.
Likewise, there are other factors that affect our body temperature and cause us to sweat. For instance, a medical condition, emotional state, hormonal changes, drugs, infections, anxiety, stress, diabetes, thyroid disorders and much more.

What Causes Excessive Sweating During Pregnancy

Since hormonal changes are part and parcel of the pregnancy journey, a rise in body temperature is natural, which makes pregnant women sweat more often. Moms often complain about heavy sweating, which is also called hyperhidrosis. However, many moms experience profuse sweating, even in cool climate.


Apart from altering hormonal levels, an increased blood flow with the onset of pregnancy also results in heavy sweating. Since most hormonal surges are observed in the first and the last trimesters, most women experience excessive sweating during these months.It may also occur in postpartum period when the hormones are dipping down to previous levels after the birth.

Do I Require Medical Help

Though sweating is normal, some moms aren’t comfortable with the symptoms that tag along with perspiration. For instance, an increased heart rate or fever can follow causing physical discomfort. If the mother feels uneasy, she mustn’t ignore her symptoms, especially at this time. Seeing your doctor could be a good option to get a quick checkup.


How To Deal With Excessive Sweating

Sweating is considered as a healthy sign, but in some cases, the mother may feel uncomfortable, especially when she is already dealing with pregnancy symptoms like fatigue. Also, getting drenched in your own sweat doesn’t give a good feeling.

Here is how to cope with excessive sweating.


1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

  • Pregnant moms are advised to drink lots of liquids—water, juices, smoothies and so on. Moms must not wait till they feel the thirst and the urge to gulp down a glass of water. Instead, keep taking sips of water every now and then.
  • Make juices a one time drink as they contain too much sugar. Even the bottles marked with natural, fresh, or organic juices contain a considerable amount of sugar. Don’t forget to read the label for contents when you buy one.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks—they can cause gas and bloat and also contain large amounts of sugar.
  • Vegetable juices like tomato juice that are available in the market are the processed ones and contain a high amount of sodium—don’t rely on them for hydrating yourself.

2. Wear Loose And Lighter Fabrics

Pregnancy clothing should be comfortable. If you sweat too much, prefer wearing cotton or linen clothes—avoid synthetic ones. Clothes that cling to your body could make you uncomfortable when you sweat. If you sweat too often wear dark colored clothes to avoid showing of sweat patches.

3. Let The Bedding Be Light

If you are one of those who wakes up at night feeling warm and sweaty—push away those quilts. Keep a single light-weight blanket to cover yourself. Also, keep a water bottle by your side at night.


4. Keep Your Surroundings Cool

When the summer arrives, spend your time inside the house. An air conditioner could become your best friend at this point. If you don’t have an AC at home, visit malls, supermarkets or libraries—play cool.

5. Avoid Certain Foods

Your choice of foods also makes a difference. Pick up fruits like watermelon and raw vegetables like cucumber for salads. Spicy foods or foods rich in fats can increase the metabolic heat and warm up the body. Avoid them on a hot day.


If you feel the above methods aren’t working in your favor, check with your doctor for hyperhidrosis.