5 Potent And Natural Ingredients To Use For Your Overnight Beauty Routine

This kind of explains why sleeping beauty or princess Aurora herself slept for a hundred years and woke up looking flawless, from shining locks, smooth and soft skin, perfect nails, and more.

Sure, she was a fictional creation, but of course we know all too well about how much of a troll we look like when we wake up after getting fewer hours of sleep, right?

Well, let’s test this fairy tale with a theory on Aurora’s beauty secrets.
Besides sleep, she did live in a forest, so she had access to some of nature’s ingredients which possess potent properties that can benefit both our beauty and health.

So, fusing the hidden beauty elements of that tale, here are 5 overnight and natural beauty ingredients to apply before going to bed, so you wake up looking as gorgeous as a princess yourself.

1. Aloe Vera Gel For Your Skin And Hair


Aloe Vera’s naturally hydrating properties are very nourishing for your skin and hair. It

is also widely used in Southeast Asian countries for facials, healing cuts, and more. To use aloe, all you must do is cut a stem from the plant and slice off the green layer on top to reveal the translucent flesh inside. Scoop it out and apply it to the tips of your hair to prevent split ends. For your skin, you can apply or gently massage a piece onto your face, but make sure it is an evenly spread thin layer. It is especially good for dry skin and treating sun burnt skin too.

2. Castor Oil For Your Eyes And Eyebrows


Castor oil is an ancient Indian and Ayurveda ingredient used for massages, growing thicker hair, applying onto your eyes to tighten eyebags, and even cleansing your eyes of dirt and toxins have accumulated, to give them a fresher look and cleaner feel. They also help fluff up your thinning eyebrows and make them look healthier. To use, start by

dipping a piece of cotton in castor oil and gently brushing your eyebrows with them to give them some volume. You can even massage a drop onto your eyes as an overnight detox tip.

3. Almond Oil For Your Eyes


Ever heard the term, almond eyes, often considered a beauty characteristic of those gorgeous Arabic and Turkish women? Well, did you know that almonds are an integral part of their diets too? I guess you sort of see where this is going. Almond oil has a bank of Vitamin E which helps your skin and eyes cleanse itself and generate new cells. It is especially good for sensitive skin, and its enriching oil helps reduce dark eyes circles, fine lines around the eyes, and even tightens up that skin from wrinkles. All you need to do is apply a drop of almond oil with your fingers around your eyes.

4. Coconut Oil For Your Nails


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Coconut oil is a trademark health and beauty secret of many island countries, tropical regions, India, and Southeast Asia. But did you know that it works wonders in giving you stunningly healthy cuticles? With natural antibacterial properties, coconut oil effectively heals cracked and yellow nails, wards off toe nail fungus, makes your nails strong, and restores the nails’ original healthy sheen. Just apply a drop of coconut oil on your nails and gently massage it in till it feels a little less oily.

5. Olive Oil For Your Feet


Olive oil is consumed a lot in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. Whether it is drizzled on a salad, used for cooking, or even used topically for their skin and hair, you can enjoy the secrets of olive oil as part of your overnight beauty regimen. A little know fact is that it can even heal the cracks and aches

of your feet with a simple massage, and possibly keep that nasty smell of your feet in check too. You can start by massaging your feet with 5 drops of olive oil, and gently pressing the sore and rough spots until your skin absorbs them. Let them be for the night and just watch how you’re your feet soften from just one use to each application.