5 Paleo Hacks to Make Your Transition (& your life) Easier.

5 Paleo Hacks to Make Your Transition (& your life) Easier.

Eating healthy isn’t hard….. But getting into the groove of making healthy choices can be.

The number one obstacle when starting to change and experiment with your diet is preparation.


Most often, you’ll make the healthy choice if there is a healthy option at your fingertips.

Now, that’s now always the case–sometimes you’ll choose the not-as-healthy option and that’s OKAY– but it does make the decision process easier if you have that healthy food available.



Transitioning to a Paleo Lifestyle can be intimidating.

In the beginning, avoiding grains, legumes, dairy and added sugar is no easy feat.

Having some shortcuts will make life easier.


Shortcuts that better enable you to make the healthy choice most of the time.


5 Paleo Hacks to make your transition (& life) easier:

The Old Greens in a Box Trick

I always keep a tub of greens in my fridge–mixed salad greens or spinach. I have no excuse not to grab a few handfuls of pre-washed greens and throw them on my plate. In the winter time, I buy my greens at the grocery store, but in the summer, I bulk wash greens from my garden, or the farmer’s market. I add a handful of green veggies to every meal I eat– having them all ready to go also makes it easier to turn dinner leftovers into a next-day-lunch-salad.


Bonus tip: If you lay out and roll up freshly washed greens in a paper towel before putting them away, they tend to last longer!


Ground Meats & Spice Blends

The majority of our meals consist of ground beef mixed with some kind of spice blend: it’s versatile (you can mix and match meats and spices), easy to cook, and budget-friendly. We always have a taco spice blend on hand to cook ground beef for taco salads, and a spicy blend (we like DennyMike’s Cowbell Hell) for burgers and meatloaves.



Batch Cooked Sweet Potatoes

We like to have sweet potatoes around the house for a filling, starchy addition to meals and for post workout refueling. I often bake a whole bunch on a Sunday while I’m cleaning the house…or watching Pretty Little Liars…Just prep them, pop them in the oven and multitask, and then take them out when they’re done. I always have a stash of raw sweet potatoes in the pantry, and I will cook them in my microwave (science oven?) in a pinch.


Make a Week’s Worth of Breakfast in One Shot

Your first meal can set the tone for the rest of the day. Whether you eat breakfast right when you wake up, or a few hours later, having a nutrient dense option that you can easily grab can make all the difference.


Try making some eggs baked in ham cups, egg cupcakes, or pre-made Paleo egg wraps (you can cook/bake them while you’re baking your sweet potatoes). All of these dishes are easy to grab and throw into a container on top of your pre-washed greens.


Stocking Up on Frozen Veggies

In my busy life, I only have energy to cook one thing at night– usually that’s the protein portion of my meal. Frozen veggies are an easy way to make sure that you’re eating a variety of vegetable without all of the cooking. Frozen veggies are often frozen at the peak of freshness, so they actually retain more nutrients than fresh veggies that have traveled and sat for a while in the grocery store.


We always have frozen broccoli and Brussels sprouts in our freezer. I thaw them and cook them on the stovetop (or in the science oven) and top them with Kerrygold butter or mix them into whatever protein dish I’m making that night.

Those are my favorite Paleo Hacks.

Hopefully you’ll find one or two that will make your life a bit easier.