5-Minute Deep Breathing Exercise For Increased Vitality

5-Minute Deep Breathing Exercise For Increased Vitality
5-Minute Deep Breathing Exercise For Increased Vitality

Bringing oxygen into your body is so important to overall health. We get rid of up to 80% of toxins and wastes through breathing, but most of us have grown accustomed to shallow breathing because we are busy and stressed. When we breathe shallow this increases the amount of toxins that stay in our body instead and instead of being released they stay in our tissues. Low oxygen levels also create an acidic environment inside your body, reducing energy and causing health problems long term. In yoga breath, or prana, is seen as our life force. It is a way the energy from the Universe comes into our body. Prana moves through our body energizing and revitalizing us. It also becomes a way to check in with our body,. As we follow our breath through our body we can see where we may have resistance, blocks or pains.


Deep breathing can also help calm and relax your body while at the same time invigorating and refreshing you. It is a great tool to use in times of stress or when you reach a point of total frustration or other strong emotion. Taking just a few minutes to practice deep breathing each day can help calm, center and revitalize you.


This simple 5 minute deep breathing exercise will help your body to release toxins, calm your mind and regulate and balance your internal body processes. Use this deep breathing exercise as a regular practice or in times when you encounter strong emotions or stress. This deep breathing exercise is part of our Raw Vitality Total Health Transformation & Cleanse 30-day program.


Deep Breathing Exercise

  • Find a quiet, relaxing place and make yourself comfortable.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes so you do not have to be continuously checking your clock.
  • Begin breathing in and out.
  • You may close your eyes or keep them open, this is a personal preference.
  • Inhale through your nose, feeling the air travel down your spine, expanding your belly, and then filling your chest.
  • Count to 5 while you are inhaling.
  • Hold the breath in and count to 3.
  • Exhale fully from a slightly parted mouth and feel the air travel the same circle from your chest, through your belly, up through your spine.
  • Feel all your cells releasing waste and emptying all the old stale energy with each exhale.
  • Focus on your breath.
  • In-Hold-Out; In-Hold-Out.
  • Watch your thoughts come and go like floating clouds. When thoughts arise, simply return your attention to your breath.
  • You can also accompany your in and out breaths with a mantra such as So-Hum, or other mantra that has personal meaning.
  • The point is to focus on your breath, not your thoughts.
  • As your mind drifts from your breath to your thoughts, simply return to your breath, In-Hold-Out.

Continue deep breathing until your timer notifies you that your time is up.



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