5 Fun Activities New And Established Couples Can Do Together To Bring Them Closer!

What would you imagine when someone asks you to describe Valentine’s Day? Some would say it is the red roses, heart-shaped boxes with chocolate, or couples walking down a lane riddled with pink and red decor.
But in light of this season of ‘love’, let’s discuss some offbeat ideas to give you and your beloved a chance to indulge in some activities that can renew your love for each other or even let you discover a deeper level of passion in your relationship.

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1. Recreate The Night-out Experience Right At Home


Why not beat the Valentine’s Day crowd and spend a night in? You and your partner could enjoy each other without the hustle of the outside world by just watching your old favorites, whether it is ‘Grease’ or binge watching ‘Friends’. You can even throw in a game of cards or strip poker or even slow dance in each other’s arms to your favorite Sinatra


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2. Experiment With Your Culinary Passions


Preparing a meal for your partner or cooking with them may be the traditional favorite, but here is a fun twist to it. Instead of relying on fine dining restaurants for those chef-prepared meals, you and your partner could play chef with each other at home—with Green Chef. Their delivered meal kits come with easy-to-cook dinner options, with all the essential ingredients and quick recipes, and no worrying about wastage or excess. Why not heat things up and turn it into a cook-off with your partner too?

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3. Add A Personal Touch


Nothing says “you’re special” like making something with your own hands or even with each other. Besides matchbox greeting cards or a heartfelt note, you could give your partner a riddle-based treasure hunt for their gift,

to see how well they know you and your clues. Or if your partner is the type that does not know how to relax, treat them to a pampering massage or home spa with your own hands.

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4. Spice Up Your Date Night


In addition to a lovely night out, you and your lover could throw in a dash of impulsive ideas. Why not turn your post-dinner quality time into a hike to see the stars nearby. In fact, you could even make your date night happen at a stand-up comedy show or amusement park to ignite both your inner-children. Keep it interesting!

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5. Set Out For An Adventure


This is for all those that want to do something with a challenging or adventurous take to it. An amazing way to deepen the

relationship with your companion is to learn something new together or indulge in some coordinating activities. Whether it is a bungee jumping or a couple’s sky-diving lesson, it could also be something less scary such as canoeing or rowing. Activities that require trust, like these are said to help you both depend on each other better. You’d be surprised at how many struggle and then finally learn to coordinate!
Instead of making Valentine’s Day one about expensive gifts, or just the casual dinner out, why not make it one where you create your own traditions and celebrate each other in a way that deepens your bond. Whether you are a new couple or one that’s been together for a while, it’s always fun to do something that both of you can call just your own.

Wishing you all a Versatile Valentine’s Day