You’re Not Nuts, It’s Just The Pregnancy Hormones!

Along with the varied changes that are occurring in the body which are welcoming during pregnancy, there are some whacky ones that come along with the package. Some of these are wonderful, because your body is preparing you to nurture the little life growing inside of you, the whacky bit is that pregnancy is taking over your mind in some really uncomfortable ways. (Remember morning sickness, over the top excitement to going Hulk mad in few seconds, or crying your heart out for the smallest thing possible)



What is not so surprising is the fact that a pregnant woman’s mood swings are most pronounced during the first trimester, but for most it doesn’t settle down even till the second and third trimester. For some, the roller coaster ride continues even after giving birth.

Nope an alien had not invaded you and no, your partner will not leave you, for the dramatic mood swings comes along as a package deal with pregnancy. Here’s what you can expect though:

First Trimester: Hormones Swinging Faster Than An Olympic Gymnast

As soon as you realize a baby is growing inside of you, brace yourself for a steep influx of hormones that would make you cry and even forget your name. While the crying jags can sometimes be set off with legitimate concerns, don’t be amazed if the silliest concerns find you melting down faster than the polar ice caps.

If these mood swings are questioning your sanity, it’s time to talk to your partner and your friends. Try to laugh it off and move on before another outburst comes along.

Second Trimester: A Spring In Your Step

You are now showing and you can finally tell everyone the reason of why you were acting all crazy. Everyone adores you and you are no less than a small celebrity. The unbridled happiness can be seen in your face, for you would be beaming with an ear-to-ear grin.

Third Trimester: Euphoria Morphing Into Crabbiness

As you near your due date, you would be sleep deprived. Huge life changes would be occurring all around you, and you would even suffer from body image issues. The major manifestation comes along when everything appears chaotic and you try desperately to put an order into place. Just hang in there, everything would be back to normal. (Soon, my love, soon!)

As for your partner, try to indulge the mother-to-be with some tenderness and love. If there is a clash of choice, go with her (blindly, we might add) to avoid emotional outburst. Don’t blame her, she is undergoing too many things, she is tired and she needs rest. Frankly do nothing to irk her, for trust me, this is all worth it once your baby comes along.

Keeping It Cool

If you think you are turning into a pregzilla (yes, that exists), here are few things that you can do to keep it cool:

  1. Knowing everything would be normal in few months: Pregnancy is not a 24/7 bliss. Period. However, remember that it’s okay to feel that way. (You can blame it on the hormones!) It has nothing to do with how much you are going to love your baby.
  2. Talk it out: The best way to understand what you are going through is talk to other moms
  3. Give time to yourself: Difficult with job, pregnancy, family and other kids, but find out the time to pamper yourself as much as you can. A warm bath, an evening with your favorite book, anything that relaxes you.
  4. Take help of your partner: No matter how much you feel that your partner doesn’t understand what you are going through, they do. You might have to talk it out though.
  5. Feeling baby blues, contact doctor: If you’re feeling down for more than two weeks continuously, there are no pleasurable moments, ask your health provider for help.

We understand that your body is going through a lot of changes, and sometimes you might feel helpless (pregnancy makes it difficult to even pick up things from the floor) but it’s okay and everything would be fine. Keep calm and hang in there, for soon all of this would go away!