5 Benefits Of Doga: Yoga For You And Your Dog

If you are familiar with yoga then you know how beneficial this ancient, aesthetic practice is for your mind, body, and soul. It reduces your stress while improving your strength and flexibility. Not only is yoga good for humans, but also works wonders for your furry, four-legged pet. Yoga for your dog is known as doga. It is becoming increasingly popular among many pet owners who want to share the benefits of yoga with their faithful companion.

During a doga class, you and your dog will perform a series of asanas as instructed by the yoga instructor. For certain asanas, you will utilize your dog as props and for others, the two of you will work as partners. Different poses call for different actions. For one pose, you can sit on the floor with your feet apart, hold your dog, and use it to lean and stretch toward your toes. For another pose, you can hold it on your lap and bend and forward. There are many such poses, which are usually simple and can have great benefits for the two of you.


1. It Strengthens The Bond Between You And Your Dog


Doga works well in strengthening the bond between you and your wet-nosed companion. It allows you to focus on the unity between its mind, spirit, and body with yours. Many practices such as chanting, massaging, and stretching are incorporated in doga to calm your pet, which makes it easier to meditate and focus on the strength of your bond. By the end of a doga session, you will find that the relation you share with your pet has transcended to another level.


2. It Relaxes Your Dog


Since doga incorporates techniques that calm your dog, you will notice that it is much more relaxed after a session. Puppies, in particular, are more focused so it gets easier to train them. From doga, you will learn that the inner peace and joy you feel after a session, your dog can feel it too. The positivity of your environment will reflect on your pet.


3. It Heals Your Dog


Your dog’s physical health can significantly improve when you work under the guidance of trained doga professionals. The stretching, relaxation techniques, and innovative poses work well for dogs who are injured or overweight. It is your responsibility to know the exact condition of your dog’s health and to let your doga instructor know so that you don’t injure your dog while practicing doga.


4. It Allows Your Dog To Socialize


When dogs are restrained to the four walls of your home, they hardly have any time to socialize with other dogs. If you were to put yourself in its place, you would know how lonesome that feels. During doga sessions, your dog meets other dogs and gets to play and interact with them. Such interactions usually do them good whether they are friendly or reserved.


5. It Helps You Relax


Doga is a great stress reliever not just for your dog, but for you as well. You know how your pet acts as a natural stress reliever when you spend time with it. So getting your pet along for a yoga session, which is specially designed to relieve your stress, increases the relaxing experience. It also benefits your physical health by lowering your blood pressure.


Things You Should Consider Before Taking Doga Sessions

Dogs that have been rescued or have been abused in the past may suffer from stress and anxiety, so doga will be able to do them some good. They will enjoy the classes, but you need to train them at home first if they are not used to sitting still. Since doga is supposed to be relaxing, your pet should not create distractions for others. Always listen to your instructor in order to avoid injuries.