5 Amazing Health Tips For A Healthier Brain.

5 Amazing Healthy Tips For A Smarter Brain.
5 Amazing Healthy Tips For A Smarter Brain.

There are many tips that a person can use to maintain keep the brain healthy. There are always those typical solutions such as challenging the brain, finding the inner explorer, learning new thing daily, and socializing. If you are looking for ways to boost your brain health, reduce aging rate, you will also be surprised on the amazing healthy tips that you can use to improve your health.

Five amazing health tips for your healthy brain.


Doing a lot of brain exercise has been associated with encouraging the brain to work at maximum capacity. In addition, it causes the nerve cells to multiply and become strong, as well reduces chance of damaging the brain. Whenever you do some exercise, the nerve cells produce some proteins known as neurotropic factor. The protein triggers other chemicals that promote health and benefits the cognitive functions of the brain including the learning capability. Exercise offers protective effects to the brain through


· Increasing the blood flow to the brain
· Improving the development and the survival of neurons
· Decreasing risk of cardiovascular diseases
· Enhancing the production of the nerve-protecting compounds

Consuming animal-based Omega-3 fats

The Omega-3 fat, also known as Docosahexaenoic acid or DNA is a significant structural component of the brain and retina. The brain is composed of approximately 60% and 25% of the DNA. DHA is important structural component of the breast milk, which most doctors believe that breastfed children have high IQ level than the formula-fed children. Therefore, consuming many Omega-3 fats improves and increases the level of DNA. The most common DNA-rich foods are liver and fish.


Having sufficient Sleep

Although sleep is not an essential for regenerating physical body, it is important for reaching the mental insight and helps creating new solution for the old problems. Sleep gets rid of negative thoughts, and helps to reset the brain, which is an important element in creativity. Sleeps improves performance of challenging tasks, enhance memories, and improves thinking capacity. In fact, a total sleep of about four to six hours in a single night has a great effect on the ability to think and performance on the following day. Sufficient sleep enhances brain growth and improves the brain capacity to learn, memories, and control behaviors.

Consuming coconut oil

The primary fuel of the brain is the glucose that is in energy form. The brain manufacturer its own insulin and later uses it to import glucose into the bloodstream. In case the insulin production decreases, the brain literally starve, this may lead to impaired functioning of the brain or even loss of memory. Coconut is a substance that one can eat to prevent brain shrivel. It helps to renew and restore neuron and its function; hence, the brain remains healthy.


Consuming vitamin D

Vitamin D is said to increase the nerve growth of the brain. To consume the vitamin, one should exposure him or herself to direct sun, as the sun has the ability to produce sufficient amount of vitamin D. In addition, one can also consume vitamin D supplements. Nevertheless, one should apply for an nicard in case one want to acquire information from health center.