All About The 4th Month Of Pregnancy That You Must Know

Completing the first trimester of pregnancy feels no less than an accomplishment. If you have sailed through the initial months, you and your baby are definitely doing great. Leaving behind the experience of pregnancy symptoms—morning sickness, heartburn, food aversions, and nausea, you will now be entering a comparatively comfortable zone.

Your belly may attract some attention by now—it will become rounder near the navel, the beautiful bulge will become pretty evident during the 2nd trimester. This is the time to buy yourself some maternity clothes including a new set of lingerie—your breasts will also swell, in preparation for nursing. Be prepared to have your first ultrasound—you might have heard your baby’s heartbeat in the previous month itself, even if you haven’t your first scan would be an amazing experience either way.


By this time, you would have already made an official pregnancy announcement. This is the time to get pampered and make the best out of the privilege of motherhood.

Changes In The Mother’s Body

You are already aware of your enlarging breasts and swelling baby bump. Other than these, there are many other visible changes that you will notice in yourself. You will still be feeling the frequent urge to go the bathroom—by now it might become a habit. For a good reason, the sensation of nausea, heartburn and morning sickness, basically the nasty things you experienced in the first month will subside. Your appetite will increase and you will feel more energetic than before.


A lot of changes are happening inside your body. Your uterus is growing to accommodate the baby. Your blood sugar levels may drop at times, making you feel dizzy. Avoid sudden jerky movements at this point. However, you will find a control over your emotions—thanks to a stability in the hormonal levels. All in all, you will feel calmed relaxed—lead into your 4th month like a confident new mom.

Changes The Baby Experiences

That little man or lady inside there is growing rapidly. It gets promoted from being an embryo to become a fetus. The facial features are becoming prominent, the eyes will be shifting to the front of the head at their right places, the neck and chin areas are developed, the limbs are independently developing—your baby’s hands have unique fingerprints now. By this time, they are covered in fine hair called Lanugo. By the second trimester, you can even feel their baby move with a slight jerk.


Moms, take note of these things for your second trimester.

1. Choose Comfortable Clothing

Switch to maternity clothes that are loose fitting and comfy. Your belly is going to expand and sooner you will realize, the clothes you bought last time are no longer fitting near the waist. Prefer cotton and linen clothes through which your skin can breathe.


2. Stick To Staying Fit

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you must rest all day and eat in plenty. Exercising will help you stay fit and maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. Have a balanced diet and watch what you eat since this is what will nourish your baby at the end of the day. Practice giving a healthy start to your day by slight exercising, walking or engaging yourself in prenatal yoga.

3. Avoid Stress

Never take stress when you have a bun in your oven—be it physical or mental stress. Though stress can’t be avoided under certain situations, you can still choose to stay positive and distance yourself from unpleasant things. Avoid vigorous activities including the one which requires lifting of heavy weights. In the case of stress, recharge yourself with a short nap.


4. Sleep on The Left Side

We know the benefits of sleeping on the left side—it provides ample unhindered circulation of nourishment to the baby. No matter how many pillows you cushion up to support you, you could still feel the urge to turn over at night. Try the position for as long as is humanly possible. If you wake up in the night finding yourself on your right side instead, don’t fret—turn over and go to sleep.

5. Eat Right

Eating right can never be more prioritized—make sure there is a good amount of iron, folic acid, protein and fiber in your diet on daily basis. Eating fruits and vegetables will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. Stay hydrated at all times—if you feel drinking less water will reduce your trips to the bathroom, you may not be doing good to your body.


Moms entering their fourth month of pregnancy might love this phase the most. You have already completed the milestone of the first trimester and excitement to meet your baby is gradually increasing day by day. You will definitely get a plethora of advice from family and friends from now on. At any stage of pregnancy, your health must be your priority.