4 Ways To Tell That Your Workouts Are Stale

Been committed to your workout program for quite some time now? Feel like you just aren’t seeing the results that you were hoping for? There are many signs that would indicate that it may be time for you to consider a brand new workout program. Learning these signs and taking action when they present themselves is important to keep continually seeing progress and coming back for more.

Let’s look at the clear give-away’s that it’s time for a workout change.


Progress Is Slow to Non-Existent

First, if you haven’t made clear progress in quite some time, this is sign numero uno that something’s amiss. You should be seeing some form of regular progress if you are hitting the gym on a regular basis. Signs of progress come in many forms – getting stronger, gaining muscle, losing body fat, better conditioning, etc.

Obviously there is an apex to the level of total fitness that one can attain. But in my years of personal training, I have never really seen any individual come to realize their true genetic potential. If you are hitting the gym and getting ‘zero’ results of any form, you’re basically just wasting your time.


It’s hard enough for some people to see the progress that they crave. But if you aren’t changing your workout, you are making the endeavor even harder. The body eventually adapts to any form of exercise that you do. So if you aren’t continually adjusting your workout choice, you are ensuring that you’ll stop seeing results.

Skipping Workouts

Another big indicator is skipped workouts. If something else always seems to come up and you don’t even really care if you go to the gym or not any more, you need a change of pace. Lack of motivation is also a sign that your workout isn’t quite doing it for you anymore. Maybe your workout is providing you with a low mental challenge. Or it could just be that you aren’t interested in what you are doing. With so many different exercise variations you can be doing, there’s no reason to keep doing one that isn’t ‘doing it for you’ any longer.


Lack of Focus

Another sign that it may be time to revamp your workout is if you are just going through the motions. How much focus do you really need to get through a workout? If you feel like, you could do it in your sleep, it’s not challenging you enough and pretty soon, you won’t be seeing results from it. You should be focused and dialed in when you’re in the gym. If you aren’t, this needs to change.

Completing Workouts Soon

Finally, if you are completing your workout in a shorter time frame than you were earlier, this could indicate it just isn’t challenging enough for you. When that’s the case, it’s time to bump up the intensity or do something that will make it harder. This is also critical for ongoing results. Remember, your workout may need to change more frequently as you advance.


So keep these points in mind. Don’t let yourself stick with a workout when it just isn’t delivering. Take action and get yourself on track to continual success.